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  • Equine
      For the horse
        Shires Studs - various sizes
        Bit Guards
        Curb chain hooks
        Fulmer Loops
        Pro Jump Breast Plate
        Stromsholm studs - different sizes
        Lip strap
        Browbands - Various Colours & Sizes
        Crupper attachment
        Crupper attachment from saddle to tail
        Bandages & Boots
        Rubber Over Reach Boots - Various Sizes
        Schockemohle Sports Logo Bell Boots
        Le Miuex Soft Shell Over Reach Boots
        Le Mieux Ballistic Pro Form Over Reach Boots
        Rubber Over Reach Boots - Pull On
        Shires Fleece Bandages Navy/black
        Diamante Over Reach Boots
        Shires Jo Brushing Boot
        JHL Polo bandage 4x3m Chocolate
        Equilibrium Patent Over Reach Boot
        JHL PoloBandage 4x3m Purple
        Hy Polo Fleece Bandage - Purple
        Mark Todd Travel Boots Navy Stripe Cob
        Veredus TRPro Tendon Boots
        Schockemohle Fleece Bandage - Navy
        Westropp Knee Brushing Boot
        Veredus TRPro Fetlock Boot
        JHL Polo Bandage 4x3m Baby Pink
        Black/Baby Blue Pony Neoprene Brushing Boots
        JHL Polo Bandage 4x3m Fushia
        Schockemohle Fleece Bandage - Black
        Shires Small Travel Boots - Red/Blue/White
        Le Mieux Stealth Air XC Boots Hind
        Schockemohle Fleece Bandage - Burgundy
        JHL Polo Bandage 4x3m Mint
        Le Mieux Stealth Air XC Boots Front
        Schockemohle Fleece Bandage - Chocolate
        Shires Fleece Bandages Red
        JHL Polo Bandage 4x3m Royal Blue
        Memo Pro Safe Fetlock Boots White
        JHL PoloBandage 4x3m Lavender
        Schockemohle Fleece Bandage - White
        Trizone brushing boots
        Acavallo Vittorio Tendon Boots
        Hy Air Flow Bandages - Black
        Mark Todd Over Reach Boots - Black
        Le Mieux Polo Bandages - Set of 4
        Mark Todd Travel Boots Navy Stripe Full
        JHL Polo Bandage 4x3m Grey/Pink
        Schockemohle Fleece Bandage - Orange
        Black/Blue Cob Neoprene Brushing Boots
        Black Full Neoprene Brushing Boots
        JHL Polo Bandage 4x3m Black
        Bridles & Reins
        Schockemohle Rubber Reins Hook & Stud - Black
        Schockemohle Rubber Reins with Buckles
        JHL Pro Show Reins
        Schockemohle Ashford Bridle
        Blenheim Slip Headpiece Black
        Lead Rope/Rein with Chain
        Schockemohle Leather Reins Round Stitched - Black
        JHL Rubber Grip Reins Cob - Black
        Schockemohle Charlotte Bridle Cob
        Avignon Bridle Cheek Pieces - Black
        Equipe BR40 Bridle
        Rolled Reins Black Brown
        Blenheim Bridle Headpiece Black
        Shires Draw Reins
        JHL Rubber Grip Reins Pony - Brown
        JHL Rubber Grip Reins Cob - Brown
        Schockemohle Glasgow Bridle
        Mark Todd Deluxe Cob Havana Bridle
        Schockemohle Jackson Bridle
        Leather & Elastic Side Reins
        Leather Draw Reins
        Schockemohle Paris Bridle
        Schockemohle Stockholm S Bridle
        Schockemohle Brighton Bridle - Brown
        Mark Todd Deluxe Fancy Stitch Full Bridle - Black
        Schockemohle Kentucky Bridle
        Schockemohle Rubber Reins Hook & Stud - Brown
        JHL Rubber Grip Reins Pony - Black
        First Aid & Veterinary
          Dressings & Bandages
          Sportwrap Cohesive Bandage
          AFD Powerflex
          Tail & Exercise Bandage - Various Colours & Brands
          Schockemohle Quick Dry Light Bandage Linings x2 - White
          Schockemohle Quick Dry Light Bandage Linings x2 - Small
          Fybergee Foam Pad
          Hy Polo Bandage - 4pk - Black
          Animalintex each
          20 x 10cm Melolin Single
          20 x 10cm Melolin pk 100
          Animalintex Hoof Treatment each
          Animalintex PK 12
          Veterinary & Wound Care
          15g Intrasite Gel each
          Battles Veterinary white wound Powder 125g
          Frog Health 250ml
          Substu-Bute Syringe 30ml
          Arnica Gel 400g
          Aloe Vera Gel 500g
          Dermoline Throat Syrup 250g
          Muscle Toner Liquid 1lt
          Bot Knife each
          Naf Wound Cream 50ml
          MSM Ointment 250g
          Aloe Vera Purple Spray 240ml
          Aloe Vera Gel 250g
          Muscle Embrocation 500ml
          MSM Healer Cream 500g
          Arnica & Witch Hazel Gel 250g
          Legs R Cool Leg Cooling Clay Compound 3.5kg
          Protocon Antiseptic Ointment 500g
          15g Intrasite Gel pk 10
          Arnica & Witch Hazel 500g
          Dermoline Wound Soothing Cream 240g
          Protocon Gold 250g
          Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel 250ml
          Derma Gel
          Wound Powder 125g
          MSM Healer Cream 250g
          Battles Veterinary Wound Powder 20g
        Girths & Girth Covers
        Schockemohle Canter Elastic Dressage Girth
        Schockemohle Galopp Girth
        LeMieux S/Skin Girth Cover Dressage
        Le Mieux Girth Cover Jumping - Black/Nat
        Loveson Gel Girth - Black - Size 56
        Girth Sleeves - Black & Brown
        HyComfort Waffle Girth - Black
        Headcollars & Lead Ropes
        KM Elite Padded Headcollar - Various Colours
        Schockemohle Catch Lead Rope - Navy/Neon or Mint/Stripe
        Cotton Lead Rope with walsall clip 2M
        KM Elite Cotton Lead Rope - Various Colours
        HY Holly Adjustable Headcollar
        1/2" Lead Rope - Call for colours
        Schockemohle Memphis Headcollar - Navy, Cloud or Mint
        KM Elite Cotton Thick Flecked Lead Rope
        Safety Clip Lead Rope
        HY Duo Adjustable Headcollar
        Lead Rope/Rein With Chain
        Nylon Adjustable Headcollar
        Schockemohle Memphis Chrome Headcollar
        Eskdale Lead Rope
        Lined Adjustable Headcollar
        Wessex Headcollar & Leadrope Set
        Schockemohle Melbourne Cob Navy/Nat Headcollar
        Leather Headcollar
        Brass Newmarket Chain - Large
        Leather Headcollar Foal
        Brass Newmarket Chain - Small
        Catch Lead Rope Blk/Gr/Wh
        Catch Lead Rope Nvy/Bur/W
        Schockemohle Orange Promo Headcollar
        HY Classic Headcollar
        Hy Universal Lead Rope
        Schockemohle Melbourne Full Chocolate Headcollar
        Cotton Lead Rope with Walsall Clip - Black
        Cotton Lead Rope with Walsall Clip - Green
        Cotton Lead Rope with Walsall Clip - Navy
        Cotton Lead Rope with Walsall Clip - Purple
        Cotton Lead Rope with Walsall Clip - Red
          Schockemohle Memphis X Full Halter - Black or Navy
          Schockemohle Memphis Halter - Navy
          Schockemohle Memphis Cob Coffee Halter
          Schockemohle Memphis Cob Halter - Navy Stripe
          HY Cotton Lunge Rein 25 All colours
           Lunge Cavesson-Black
          Lunge Cavesson - Fleece Lined Full
        Lotions & Potions
          Fly & Mite Control
          Citronella Fly Tags - Equine
          Enhanced Formula Fly Spray 500ml
          Naf Off Extra Effect Spray 750ml
          Super Plus Fly Spray 500ml
          Naf Off Deet Power 750ml
          Naf Off Citronella 750ml
          Lice & Mite Spray 500ml
          Fly repel spray 750ml
          Lice & Mite Lotion 500ml
          Killitch 500ml
          D-Itch Ointment 600g
          Fly Repellent Trigger Spray 500ml
          Deosect POM-VPS 250ml
          Naf Off Citronella Gel 750g
          Durativ Power Phaser Gel Leovet 500ml
          Fly repel Spray 2L refill
          Naf Off Deet Power Gel 750ml
          Naf D-Itch 1kg tub
          Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent Spray 500mll
          Fly & Midge Fly Repellent Extra Strength Spray 750ml
          Insect Repellent Wipes 12
          Summer Fly Cream Net-Tex 600ml
          Super Plus Fly Spray Refill 5li
          Naf Off Extra Effect Fly Gel 750g
          Biting Midge Cream 350g
          Naf Off Deet Power 200ml
          Enhanced Formula Fly Spray Refill 5li
          Naf Off Citronella 200ml
          Naf Off Extra Effect 200ml
          Insect Repellent Gel Tube 250ml
          Biting Midge Cream 1kg
          Naf D-Itch 500g
          Power Phaser Spray Leovet 500ml
          Fly Control
          LeMieux Comfort fly mask - with nose all sizes
          Hy Guardian Fly Rug & Mask
          One Size Fly Veil
          Fly Bonnet - Large
          Schockemohle Master Fly Veil - Orange
          Hoof Care
            Hoof Oil & Treatments
            Hypona Hoof Maker 750g
            Hypona Hoof Balsam 880ml
            Silverfeet Liquid Hoof conditioner
            Effol Black 500g
            Absorbine Hoof Polish - Black 8floz
            Absorbine Hoof Polish - Clear 8floz
            Keratex Mud Shield Powder 450g
            Traditional Hoof Oil 400ml
            Pro Feet Hoof Moist Black 900g
            Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser 500ml
            Pro Feet Hoof Dressing 900g
            Pro Feet Hoof Moist Natural 900g
            Pro Feet Liquid 1lt
            Cornucrescine Original Hoof Ointment 250ml
            Silverfeet Hoof Balm
            NAF Hoof & Sole 1lt
            Pro Feet Rock Hard 250ml
            Pro Feet 1.3kg
            Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Dressing 500ml
            Keratex Hoof Hardener 250ml
            Keratex Hoof Putty 200g
            Vanner & Prest Hoof Oil 500ml
            Pro Feet Hoof Rub 500ml
            NAF Hoof Moist Black 500g
            Keratex Nail Hole Disinfectant 200ml
            NAF Hoof Moist Clear 500g
            Effol Green 500g
            Keratex Hoof Gel 1li
            Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Supplement 6kg
            Cornucrescine Original Ointment 500ml
            Keratex Hoof Moisturiser 1li
            Keratex Hoof Moisturiser 500ml
            Keratex Hoof Supplement 3kg
            Hoof Picks & Brushes
            Easi Grip Hoof Pick - all colours
            Folding Hoof Pick
            Hoof Pick n Brush - All Colours
            Delux Hoof Pick-Wooden Handle
            Hoof Pick n Brush - Black each
            Hoof Torch Red
            Hoof Pick n Brush - Red each
            Hoof Oil Brush 162mm
          Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream 600ml
          Seven Day Mud Away Spray 500ml
          Muddy Marvel Disinfectant 100ml
          Mud block cream 500g
          Mud Slide Lotion-Pig Oil and Sulhur 500ml
          Keratex Mud Shield Powder 450g
          Mud Block Lotion 500ml
          Mud Gard supplement 690g
          Pig Oil 4.5li
          Muddy marvel de-scab 100ml
          Mud Block Lotion 1L
          Mud Slide Lotion-Pig Oil and Sulpur 1L
          Sulphur Powder 2.5kg
          Horse Care Sponge
          Fox & Pepper Soap Bar
          Animal Shampoo 5lt
          Gallop Shampoo Colour Grey 500ml
          Quic Silver 946ml
          Foxbe Batch Essence Bottle
          Fox & Pepper Deodorising Spray
          Gallop Shampoo Colour-Chestnut & Palomino 500ml
          No Scurf Shampoo 500ml
          Animal Shampoo 1lt
          Gallop Medicated Shampoo 500ml
          Blue Shampoo 500ml
          Fox & Pepper Early Start Body Wash
          Gallop Shampoo Colour Bay 500ml
          Naf Teatree Shampoo 500ml
          Mega Tek Rebuilder
          Sheath Cleaner 250ml
          Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo 500ml
          Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner 600ml
          Wash & Show 500ml
          Gallop Shampoo Colour-Black 500ml
          NAF Show Off Shampoo 500ml
          Gallop Conditioning Shampoo 500ml
          Animal Shampoo 4li
          Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo 500ml
          Blue Shampoo 1lt
          Dermoline Cooling Bodywash 5li
          Wash & Show Reds 500ml
          Wash & Show Greys 500ml
          Dermoline Tea Tree Shampoo 5li
          Wash & Show Darks 500ml
          Dermoline Pre Clip Shampoo 5li
          Gallop Extra Strength Shampoo 500ml
          Under The Tail Wipes 15
          Show Prep. & Grooming
            Brushes & Combs
            Equerry multi coloured body brush
            Plastic Sweat Scraper each
            Micro fibre grooming mit
            D72 Mexican Fibre Water Brush medium 40mm
            Karoo Body Brush Diamante 138008
            Karoo Mane and Tail Brush Diamante 138006
            Small Sponge
            1xUnit Grippee Body Brush
            Le Mieux oval natural bristle brush
            Bucket Brush KBF99
             Equerry Mexican Whisk Dandy Brush (40mm) medium
            HySHINE goats hair finishing brush
            Slip Not Body Brush
            Le Mieux flick brush large bristles
            Stiff Dandy Brush
            Le Mieux horse whisk shaped long bristle
            Lincoln Ultimate Groomer
            Le Mieux natural shaped finishing brush
            1xUnit Grippee Dandy Brush
            Magic brush - plastic
            Dandy Brush KBF99
            Main comb - Smart Grooming
            Wahl brushes - various
            D73 Polypropylene Dandy Brush (40mm) medium
            1x Unit Grippee Bucket Brush
            Equerry Sponge / Brush
            Mane & Tail Brush KBF99
             Goat Hair Body Brush Large
            Grooming Kit Boxes
            Tack Tray Cover - All Colours
            Grooming box
            Tack Tray each
            Easi Step grooming box All colours
            Lincoln Step & Groom
            Classic Wood Grooming box
            Easi Step grooming box Blue
            Easi Step grooming box Pink
            Tack Cleaning Sponge
            Naf Solid Soap 450g
            Dubbin 500ml
            Effax Leather Combi
            Belvoir Saddle Soap Bar 250g
            Leather Neatsfoot Oil 500ml
            Belvoir Tack Cleaner Spray 500ml
            Horsemans one step leather cleaner
            Belvoir Tack Conditioning Spray 600ml
            Leather Cleanse Spray 500ml
            Belvoir Leather Balsam Intensive Cond 500ml
            Leather Soft Soap 450g
            Neatsfoot Oil 4li
            Oakwood Leather Conditioner
            Oakwood Saddle Soap
            Ko-Cho-Line 225g
            Belvoir Tack Cleaner Wipes
             Leather Balsam 400g
            Leather Cleanse 400ml
            Leather Food 250ml
             Leather Quick Clean 500ml
            Vanner & Prest Neatsfoot Compound 500ml
            Plaiting & Pulling
            Lincoln Plaiting Bands In Half Open Box - Black
            Lincoln Plaiting Bands In Half Open Box - Brown
            Plaiting Thread - Brown 25g roll
            Lincoln Plaiting Bands In Half Open Box - White
            Plaiting Thread - White 25g roll
            Plaiting Needles - Pk 25
            Equimins Plaiting Liquid Trigger Spray - 500ml
            Plaiting thread - Black 25g roll
            Smart Tails Comb -Medium
            The Original Solo Comb
            Smart Tails -Fine
            Smart Tails - Coarse
            Shine & Finishing
            Silky D-Tangler 750ml
            Chalk Block each
            Linen Stable Rubber Cloth. CLEARANCE PRICE !
            Foxshave Shave Oil
            Detangler Ultra Silky Trigger Spray 750ml
            Canter Coat Shine Spray 500ml
            Absorbine Showsheen Spray 946ml
            Miracle Groom 946ml
            Eye & Muzzle Wipes 15
            Cowboy Magic - Detangler Gel Tube
            Stain Remover Trigger Spray Carr, Day & Martin
            Absorbine Showsheen -Refill 3.8li
            Detangler Lotion Refill 5lt
            Carr Day Martin Show Kit Wipes
            Naf Shine & Show 500ml
            Boosters & Calmers
            Serenity Calming Supplement 1.5kg
            Instant magic calmer (3 pack)
            Oestress 500g
            Serenity Calm Down (Pre-Event Paste) 15ml
            Super SoKalm paste
            Magic Powder 750g
            Oestress 1kg
            Naf Tempralax 250ml
            Energy B Booster Supplement Paste 30mlSyringe
            Naf Apple Cider Vinegar 2.5lt
            Cider Apple Vinegar 2.5lt
            Cider Apple Vinegar 5lt
            Gastro Shield 2kg
            Collovet 1li
            Naf Apple Cider Vinegar 5lt
            Sand-Ex Pellets 1.5kg
            NafCod Liver Oil 1lt
            Garlic Granules Refill 1kg
            Garlic Granules Refill 3kg
            Naf Cod Liver Oil 5lt AA0366
             Garlic liquid gold extract 1lt
            General Purpose Supplement 1.5kg
            Naf Limestone Flour 3kg
            Naf Molasses 5lt
            Naf Pink Powder 700g
            Naf Garlic Granules 700g
            Seaweed 2kg
            Liquid Paraffin 2L
            General Purpose Supplement 3kg
            Naf Cod Liver Oil 2.5L
            Super Supplement Garlic, Parsley & Linseed 1Lt
            Seaweed Refill 2kg
            Diamond Omega- Micronised Linseed 5kg tub
            Naf Garlic Powder 500g
            Molasses 5lt
            Naf Omega Oils 2lt
            Naf Omega Oils 5lt
            Naf Garlic Granules Refill 1kg
            Naf Garlic Granules Refill 3kg
            Naf Garlic Granules 1.4kg
            Naf Veteran Supplement 1.5kg
            Diamond Omega - Micronised Linseed 2kg tub
            Naf Garlic Powder 1kg
            Vitamin E selenium and lysine 3kg
            Naf Biotin Refill 2kg
            Pro Feet Liquid 1lt
            Naf Biotin 1.5kg
             Laminaze 750g
            Hoof Mender Supplement Powder 3kg
            Hoof Mender Supplement Powder 5kg
             Laminaze 1.5kg
            Pro Feet Liquid 2lt
            Hoof Mender Supplement Pellets 3kg
            Hoof Mender Supplement Pellets 5kg
            Joint Care
            Superflex 800g
            Effol Refresh gel 500ml
            Superflex 400g
            Cod Liver Oil 2.5lt
            Cod Liver Oil 5lt
            Superflex Liquid 1lt
            Naf Devils Relief 1lt
            Devils Claw Liquid 1lt
            Flexijoint Liquid Supplement 1lt
            Cortaflex Horse Powder 908g
            Cortaflex HA Liquid 946ml
            Superflex 1.6kg
            Echinacea Liquid Herb 1lt
            Flexijoint Liquid With Bromelain 1lt
            Nobute 1li
            Flexijoint Liquid with Bromelain 2.5lt
            Codlivermins 5kg
            Naf Devils Relief 500ml
            Devils Claw Liquid 2.5lt
            Flexijoint Cartilage Supplement 1.5kg
            Devils Claw Liquid 5lt
            Flexijoint Cartilage Supplement 1kg
            Flexijoint Liquid Supplement 2.5lt
            MSM 1kg
             Garlic liquid gold extract 1lt
             Laminaze 750g
             Laminaze 1.5kg
            Navilamo 1li
            Laminator Supplement Powder 3kg
            EnerG 2L
            Naf Electro Salts 1kg
            Naf Electrolyfe 1ltr
            Redcell 3.8li
            EnerG Shot 30ml
            EnerG 5L
            Naf Electro Salts 150g traveller
            Easy Breathing Liquid 1lt
            Respirator Boost 1l
            Naf Kof-Eze 500ml
            Air Power Booster Cough Mixture 1lt
            Clear Breather Supplement 1.4kg
            Dermoline Throat Syrup 250g
            Naf Easy Breathing 1kg
            Respirator Boost 500ml
            Respirator 1kg
        Deosect POM-VPS 250ml
        Multivit Injection POM-VPS 100ml
          Bimecdtin/700kg Noromectin Horse Paste POM-VPS Tube
          Equest Gel 700kg POM -VPS tube
          Equest Pramox POM-VPS tube - now 700kg
          Telmin Paste POM-VPS 20g
          Equitape Paste POM-VPS each
          Panacur Equine Guard POM-VPS 225ml
          Embotape POM-VPS tube
          Worm Count Kit
          Equimax Paste POM-VPS each
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 2li
          Telmin Granules 20g POM-VPS pk2
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 5li
          Panacur Equine Paste POM-VPS 24g
          Panacur Equine Granules POM-VPS 1 x 10.2g sachet
        Loveson Fly Rug
        Schockemohle First Class Sweat Rug - Various Colours
        Loveson Stable Standard (No Neck) 100 Rug
        Hy Guardian Fly Rug & Mask
        Rainsheet Rug
        Elasticated Surcingle
        Equidor Fleece Brown Check Rug
        Equidor Fleece Combo Rug - Black
        All Pro Combo 200 Rug Navy
        Candy Stripe Combo Turnout Rug
        Bucas Shamrock Power Multi-Func Navy Rug
        Loveson Stable Combo 400 Rug
        All Pro Combo 400 Rug Navy
        Saddle Pads & Cloths
        Schockemohle Champion Full Saddle Cloth - Dressage with Logo
        LeMieux Pro Sport Dressage Square
        Shockemohle Coach Plus Full Saddle Cloth - Dressage with Logo
        Le Mieux Plain/Suede Dressage Square - Pony
        Le Mieux Suede Dressage Full Sq Saddle Cloth
        Shires Quilted Numnah M
        Shires Quilted Numnuh - Call for colours
        Schockemohle Dynamic Full Saddle Cloth
        Whitaker Velvet GP Saddle Pads - Call for colours
        JHL Classic GP numnah
        Schockemohle Master Pad Saddle Cloth - Full Orange
        Mark Todd Saddlepad
        Le Mieux Vogue Glint Diamante Dressage Pad
        HY Speed Diamante Shaped Saddle Pad
        Schockemohle Winner Full Saddle Cloth - Call for colours
        Le Mieux ProSport Plain Close Contact Square
        Le Mieux Lambskin Half Lined Dressage Square
        LeMieux Half Pad
        Le Mieux Merino Half Lined Numnah - All Colours
        Spartan Mirror Saddle Cover - Sparkly Pink, Black or Purple
        Mark Todd Dressage Pad with Numbers
        Acavallo Gel Pad & Riser
        Shires GP Saddle Cloth Small Navy/Red
        Shires GP Saddle Cloth Cob/Large - Navy/Red
        Half Pad Sheepskin - Black / Natural - Pony
        Schockemohle Coach Plus Full Saddle Cloth - Jumping and Logo
        HySpeed Saddle Pad Hearts/Star Patterned
        Le Mieux Pro-Sorb Numnah
        Mark Todd GP saddle pad
        Le Mieux Suede Close Contact Full Sq Saddle Cloth - Navy/Gold
        LeMieux Front Rolled Suede Saddle Pad
        Schockemohle Champion Full Saddle Cloth - Jumping with Logo
        JHL Saddle Pad - Cob / Full
        Shires Dressage Saddle Cloth
      For the rider
          Eskadron Wash Bag
          Horsewear Wash Bag
          Schockemohle Carrie Bag
          Mark Todd Diamante Belt
          Body Protectors
          Zip Air Junior Body Protector
          Champion Freedom Adult Body Protector
          Champion Freedom Junior Body Protector
          Brogini Childrens Flo Chaps
          Studley Suede Chaps - Junior
          Henley Suede Adult Chaps - Black
          Henley Suede Adult Chaps - Brown
          Brogini Treviso Synthetic Chaps
          Sally Scaffard & Bryn Parry & Spartan
          Misc greeting cards
          Wrapping Paper
          Gift Wrap
          Millie Green Notebook
          Sound Card - Various
          Hardworking Hand Cream
          Hanging horses & magnets & wooden horse cards- Beamers
          Millie Green Cosmetic bag
          Millie Green horse mug
          Orange Spot Jewellery
          Sally Scaffardi Note Books
          Mug - Various
          Millie Green Saddle bag
          Note Card
          Millie Green Coin Purse
          Millie Green Pencil Case
          Trolley Coin Rings
          Millie Green long wallet
          Silver Star Jewellery
          Sally Scaffardi Wrap
          Millie Green Tuck Box
          Cotton Pimple Gloves
          Imperial Riding Lorraine Diamante Gloves
          Roeckl Chester Winter Gloves
          Cashmere Fingerless Gloves - Call for Colours
          SSG Ceramic Glove Liners
          Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Gloves
          Roeckl Winter Ascot Gloves
          SSG Riding For Hope Gloves - Pearl
          Magic Mini Childerns Gloves
          Roeckl Chester Gloves - Black
          Roeckl Suprema Gloves - Pink
          Roeckl Lorna Gloves - Teal
          SSG All Sport Polartec Gloves - Black
          Childrens Gripper Winter Gloves
          Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Gloves
          RSL Rom Gloves - Blue/Black - Small
          Roeckl London Gloves - Black/Gold or Navy/Silver
          Schwenkel Childs Gloves - Pink
          Mark Todd Winter Gloves Brown
          Saddlecraft Waterproof Fleece Gloves - Black
          SSG 10 Below Thermal W/P Gloves - Black
          Schwenkel Winters Finest Gloves - White
          Saddlecraft Waterproof Fleece Gloves - Navy
          Winter Lined Gripper Gloves - Black
          Mark Todd Winter Gloves Black
          Flashing Armbands
          Glass Platters Hull/Ely
          Flash Strap
          Spartan Pre-tied Stock
          Ascot Small White
          Horse themed scarf
          Multispot Scarf & chickens
          Flowers & Hedgehog & Dogs Scarf
          Snuggles scarf/neck warmer
          Extreme Technical Socks
          Le Mieux Socks
          Toggi Bamboo Long Socks Pk3
          Noble Outfitters ThermoThin Socks
          Noble Outfitters XtremeSoft Boot Socks
          Noble Outfitters Peddies Socks
          Cavallo Functional Socks
          Coolmax Socks
          Stirrups, Leathers & Treads
          Shires Stirrup Treads - Various Sizes
          Schockemohle Colorado Stirrup Leathers
          Fillis Treads
          Shires Compostie Stirrup Treads
          JHL Pro Stirrup Leathers
          Shires Stirrup Irons (Including Treads) - Peacock or Fillis
          Stirrups Standard
          Shires Compostie Profile Stirrups - Child
        Splash Velcro Yard Boot
        Hoggs of Fife Tempest Safety Dealer Boot
        Regent Bramham Adult Short Zip Boot - Black
        Toggi Colombus Long Boot - Dark Copper
        North Track Aspen Boot - Size 6
        Brogini Paloma Black/Red Patent Short Boot
        Toggi Calgary Long Boot - Black or Brown
          Boot Accessories
          Spur Strap Nylon
          Foxwelly After Welly Gelly
          Wooden Boot Jack
          Boot Pulls Wooden
          Spur Strap - Leather
          Spur Strap diamante
          Toggi Gymkhana Long Rubber Riding Boot - Junior
          Brogini Paddock Short Joddy Boot Childrens - Black
          Hy Canterbury Zip Jodphur Boot - Childrens
          Hy Wax Leather Jod Boot - Childrens - Brown
          Kanyon Ash Long Boot - Brown
          Alaska Boot
          Toggi Canyon Long Boot - Brown
          General Purpose
          Wighton Vent Neoprene Ladies Wellington
          Saxon W1 Neoprene Lined Mens Wellington
          Frostline Neoprene Wellington Ladies Boot
          Ever Creatures Short Wellingtons
          Triumph Biker Wellington
          Royal Zip Wellingtons
          Riverline Neoprene Field/Work Wellington Boot
          Tuffa Carlow Clogs 4 Brown
          Rideline riding neoprene boots
          Hy Wax Leather Jod Boot - Brown
          Brogini Tivoli Front Zip Jod Boot
          Brogini Short Joddy Boots Adult - Black
          Cartwright long leather riding boot size 40
          Hy Limited Edition Breeches
          Stellar Sparkly Breeches
          La Valencio Dorado Breeches
          HY Denim Look Ladies Breeches Full Seat
          Rugged A6 Black Check Breeches
          Schockemohle Auriga Breeches
          Rugged W1 Competition Breeches - White
          Schockemohle Carina Breeches
          La Valencio Domino Breeches
          Rugged C4 Taupe Breeches
          La Valencio Dione Breeches
          Jumptech Breeches
          Imperial Riding Lilly Love Breeches
          Rugged K3 Olive Breeches
          Tagg Cologne Breeches - Black
          Schockemohle Libra Breeches
          Toggi Cody Fleece Lined Breeches - Beige - Size 34
          Rugged J Blue Denim Breeches
          Rugged FL2 Flower Breeches
          Tagg Darwin Breeches - Beige
          Tagg Darwin Breeches - Black
          Hy Style Breeches Grey
          Hy Style Breeches Chocolate
          Twill Breeches - Grey
          Sportflex Breeches - Black
          Toggi Cody Fleece Lined Breeches - Blue - Size 34
          William Funnell Breeches Beige
          Schockemohle Draco Breeches
          Cavallo Barcelona Breeches - Wheat
          Rugged M4 blue
          Mark Todd Performance Breeches
          Mark Todd Auckland Breeches Charcoal - Size 36
          Toggi Zeus Breeches White - Size 32
          Toggi Zeus Breeches Pampas
        Schockemohle Baseball Cap - Orange or Grey
        Gatehouse Silk Hat
        Charles Owen YR8 Sparkly Hat
        Target Dry Storm Hat - Ladies
        Cavallo Esra Baseball cap
        Gatehouse Conquest Matte
        Cashmere Reversible Beanie
        Champion Air Tech
        Charles Owen Show Jumper XP - Black or Navy
        Flashing Beanie
        Gatehouse Conquest Crystal Helmet
        Hat Cover - Various
        Gatehouse Conquest Suede
        Gatehouse Chelsea Airflow Crystal Riding Hat
        Gatehouse Conquest Iride Helmet - Navy
        Gatehouse HS1 Skull - Silver
        Champion X-Air
        Champion CPX 3000
          Champion Junior Plus Jockey Skull
        Outrider 3/4 Length Waterproof Coat
        Blaest 521 Raincoat
        Chriwen Betony Fleece
        La Valencio Dasha Fleece Jacket
        Outback Full Length Waterproof Coat
        Schockemohle Paton Reversible Jacket - Mint/Cloud
        Chelsea Ladies Quilted Jacket
        La Valencio Dali Jacket
        Heritage Deluxe Ladies Wax Jacket
        Marga Waterproof Jacket
        Schockemohle Sophia Softshell Jacket - Grey
        La Valencio Diana Jacket
        Schockemohle Shelly Fleece Jacket
        La Valencio Diva Jacket
        Apex Waterproof Ladies Jacket
        DISCONTINUED Blaest 579 Raincoat
          Jod clips
          Hy Harby Black or Navy Check Jodphurs
          Whitaker Signature Sparkly Jodphurs
          Saddle Craft Jiggy Jods Pull Ons - Beige - Size 26
          HyPerformance Diesel Jodphurs - Navy/Red
          Toggi Fenton Jodphurs - Beige - Size 34
          HyPerformance Keats Jodphurs - Beige
          Toggi Fenton Jodphurs - Chocolate - Size 34
          HyPerformance Keats Jodphurs - Black
          HyPerformance Rio Jodphurs - Brown Check
          HyPerformance Rio Jodphurs - Navy Check
          Saddle Craft Jiggy Jods - Aqua/Navy - Size 20
          Saddle Craft Jiggy Jods - White
          Saddle Craft Jiggy Jods Pull Ons - Navy - Size 20
          Toggi Derby Full Seat Jodphurs - Grey
          Raised Polkadot Jodphurs - Blue
          Toggi Derby Full Seat Jodphurs - Black
          John Whittaker Childs Duo Two Tone Jods
          Tagg Brisbane Childs Jodphur - Purple
          HyPerformance Diesel Teen Jodphur - Blackcurrent
          Raised Polkadot Teen Jodphur - Blue
          Lola Teen Jeggings
          Wavy Teen Jodphur - Floral
          Tagg Brisbane Childs Jodphur - Beige
          Tagg Brisbane Childs Jodphur - Black
          Tagg Brisbane Childs Jodphur - White
          HyPerformance Diesel Teen Jodphur - Navy/Red
          Tiny Tots
          Hy Heart Tots Jodphur Black/Pink
          Hy Zeddy Tots Jodphur Beige
          Hy Zeddy Tots Jodphur Navy
          Hy Tractor Tots Jodphur Navy/Blue
        Chriwen Colin Top
        Chriwen Cara Top
        La Valencio Dalida T-Shirt
        Schockemohle Phoebe Reversible Quilted Waistcoat
        La Valencio Charlotte Long Sleeved Top
        La Valencio Demy T-Shirt
        La Valencio Dymke T-Shirt
        Chriwen Katy Top
        Chriwen Apart Top
        La Valencio Carolyn Zipped Sweatshirt - Teal
        Chriwen Madam Chic Top
        Schockemohle Marla Polo Shirt Ladies
        La Valencio Cathy Sparkly Sweatshirt
        Chantilly Shirt Large
        Chriwen Elegance Top
        Chriwen Summer Girl Top
          Show Shirts
          Imperial Riding Lorna Show Shirt
          Schockemohle Bella Show Shirt
          Imperial Riding Libby Show Shirt
        Target Dry Odyssey Waterproof Ladies Overtrousers
        Mark Todd Regina Waterproof Overtrousers
        Fleck Whip - 110cm
        Basic Shires Whip
        Fleck Whip Sparkly 110cm
        8104 26" Misc Whip
        Polly diamante sparkly whip jumping
        Miscellaneous Whip
        Polly diamante sparkly or carbon whip dressage
        Lunge Whip - 72" - Golf Grip
        Fleck Whip - 1050
        Fleck Whip - 120cm
        Schooling Whip - 33" - Black
        Mac 15" Whip - Brown
        Cord Handle Whip - 26"
        Leopard Grip Schooling Whip
        Fleck Whip - 130cm
        Fleck Whip - 2060 - Short Plain
        Mac 15" Whip - Black
        Event Whip
        Mac 25" Whip
        Psychedelic Whip
        Gel Handle Dressage Whip - Lilac
        Riding Whip 26" MGA-527
        Gel Handle Dressage Whip - Sky Blue
        Whip Holder
        Heart Whip - 26" - Purple
        Fancy Dressage Whip
        Hy School Whip - 39" - Black
        Leather Dressage Whip - 39" - Black
        Event Whip - Blue
        Event Whip - Red
        Gel Handle Dressage Whip - Hot Pink
        Heart Whip - 26" - Hot Pink
      Yard, Field & Stable
        Tubtrug Skip 26L - Various Colours
        Flexi Feed Tub Cover - Medium
        Tubtrug Skip 42L - Various Colours
        Flexi Feed Tub Cover - Large
        Economy Plastic Feed Bowl - All Colours
        Galvanised Bucket 13L
        Plastic Feed Bowl Scoop - Various Colours
        Flat Sided Bucket - Black 3gal
        Flat Sided Bucket - Red 3gal
        Feed Bucket Covers All Colours
        Flat Sided Bucket - Blue 3gal
        Clippers, Blades & Oil
        Wolseley Clipper Oil Aerosol 200ml
        R15 Clipper Oil 250ml
        Wolseley Clipper Blades std. A2
        Wolsely Clipper Blades Coarse
        Heiniger 18T Coarse Blades
        Liveryman Clipper Oil 250Ml
        Lister Laser Clipper
        Oster Whall Blades 10W
        Forks, Brooms & Scoops
        All Steel Manure Fork 4 Prong long handle
        H3/3 Platform Bahia Bass Broom head 18
        D1BM Bahia Mix/Stiff Churn Brush short handle
        All Steel Manure Fork 4 Prong D handle
        D8M Bahia Mix /Stiff Churn Brush long handle
        Manure Rake long
        Pitch Fork 2 Prong Long Handle
        Wave Fork
        All Steel Manure Fork 5 Prong D handle
        Multi-Weeder Fork each
        Manure Scoop Tall - Various Colours
        Jumps & Markers
        Dressage Markers set
        Dressage Marker Plates set
        Barrel Jump Cups (Pair)
        Jump Cups pole
          Bridle Racks, Saddle Racks, Grids & Grills
          J Hook Large - Red
          Stud Card Holder - Black Large
          Stud Card Holder - Black Small
          Bridle Rack - Various Colours
          Folding Pole Type Saddle Rack - Red or Black
          Rug Rail - Black
          Standard Saddle Rack - Various Colours
          Stall Chain Rubber - Various Colours
          J Hook Large - Black
          Folding Pole Type Saddle Rack - Black
          Folding Saddle Rack - Red
          J Hook Small - 5pk - Red
          J Hook Small - 5pk - Black
          Wall Mounted Rug Rack 5-arm
          Folding Saddle Rack - Black
          Wall Mounted Rug Rack 3-arm
          Saddle Minder - Lockable Saddle Rack
          Webbing Door Grill
          Handy Hanger S94
          Standard Saddle Rack - Black
          Fisher Galv Pressed Steel Drinker Bowl 2.5L
          JFC Nose Drinker
          Double Walled Drinker Bowl DBL4
          JFC Corner Drinker
          Green Enamel Drinking Bowl 2.84li
          Grids and Griils
          Top Door Grid Brackets pair
          Large Top Door Grid 104cm x 74cm
          Anti-Weaver Infill Panel each
          Anti-Weaver Top Door Grid 35 x 26
          Mesh Top Door Grid 35 x 26
          Small Top Door Grid 89cm x 64cm
          Hay Racks & Feeders
          Plastic Coated Steel Salt Brick Lick Holder - red 2kg
          Lightweight Corner Hayrack each
          Plastic Coated Steel Salt Brick Lick Holder - black 2kg
          Lightweight Wall Hayrack each
          Heavy Duty Corner Hayrack
          Greedy Feeder Blue
          Circular Floor Feeder
          Plastic Coated Steel Salt Block Holder 10kg
          Heavy Duty Wall Hayrack each
          KM Elite Nylon small Hole Large Haynet - top rings
          Lincoln Nylon Large Hole Small Haynet - rings top and bottom
          Nylon Small Hole Haynet (1024 40")
          Polypropylene Haynet with Rings - Large all colours BLK
          Nylon Large Hole Haynet (1026 42"
          Nylon small hole small haynet (1024 30")
          Large haylage type net Small holes
          Canvas Hay bag Black
          Builders Bucket - Black 3gal
          Yellow Stadium Bucket 3gal
          Economy Hookover Manger - various colours each
          Economy Hook Over Manger- Pink
          Economy Hook Over manger-Purple
          Plastic Wall manger
          Economy Hook Over Manger - White
          Economy Hook Over manger - Red
          Economy hook over manger- black
          Plastic Corner Manger each
          Foal Feeder Plastic each
          Plastic Corner Manger Bracket each
          Rubber Matting
          Ground Ring Mat - 1.5M x 1.0M x23MM
          Rubber Stable Matting 1.2 x 1.85m
          Stable Hygiene
          Virkon S Sachet 50g
          Green Gloop 2li
          Tack Cleaning Sponge
          Virkon Tablets - 50 X 5g
          Jeyes Fluid 5li
          Traditional tack cleaner 500ml
          Germ Away Spray
          Virkon S 5kg
          Stable Fresh Dry Bed Disinfectant Powder 5kg
          Pine Disinfectant 5li
          Stable Ironmongery
          Tie Ring on Plate 2" x 2"
          Brenton Bolt 5/8" x 8"
          Tee Hinge - Galvanised 18" per pair
          Galvanised Staple on Plate 50mm
          Tie Ring on Shank 8"
          Bucket Clip each
          Kick Over Latch each
          Tee Hinge - Galvanised 24" per pair
          Straight Hooks and Band Hinge 24" per pair
          Heavy Duty Reversible Hinge 18" Pair
          Heavy Duty Reversible Hinge 24" Pair
          Straight Hooks and Band Hinge 18" per pair
          Toys & Licks
          Supalyx All Flavours 3kg
          Salt Brick Lick Holder plastic 2kg
          Tasty Treats
          Tub Trug Drip feed toy
          Likit Holder Apple Green
          Likit Holder Carrot
          Likit Holder Cherry pink
          Likit Tongue Twister Purple
          S420 RockNRoll Ball-Purple
          S420 RockNRoll Ball-Blue
          Likit Holder Mint blue
          Likit Boredom Breaker red
          S420 RockNRoll Ball
        Tie up Saftey Chain
        Km Saftey tie - bungee type
        Folding Hoof Pick
        Pack 2 Hoof-It Quick Clip
        Warhorse Mini Square Water Carrier 20L
        Warhorse Square Water Carrier Red 30L
        Warhorse Square Water Carrier purple 30L
        H2Go Water Barrow Bag
        Warhorse Square Water Carrier Blue 30L
        Troughs & Skips
        Rubber Skip 20li
         Rubber Skip 11li
        Tubtrug Skip - All colours 26L
        Tubtrug Skip - All colours 42L
        Tubtrug Skip - All colours 75li
        Manure Skip Rope Handles Med
        Plastic Tyre Feed Bowl - White fits tyre
        Plastic Skip - Blue large
        Plastic Skip - Blue medium
        Plastic Skip - Red large
        Plastic Skip - Red medium
        Manure Skip Rope Handles Lge
        Twin Wheeled Plastic Barrow - Blue 255li
        Twin Wheeled Plastic Barrow - Green 255li
        Super Tipper Barrow 250li each
    Farm & Smallholding
      Animal Husbandry
        Cattle & Calving
          Calf Bucket 5li
          Bucket Bar Teat White Calf
          Pullover Teat Calf
          Calf Bucket 10li
          Teat Hiko Calf Bar Feeder
          Suckling Preventor Plastic each
          Floating Dummy Teat (complete) Calf
          Bucket Bar Assembly Complete Calf
          Super Herdbuild Calf Milk Powder 25kg
          Calving Rope 2 loop
          Suckling Preventer Flat Metal
          Calf Feeding Bucket c/w 3 teat
          Speedy Feeder Teat & Lid Assembly Calf
          Speedy Feeder Bottle calf
          Volostrum Calf Colostrum 450g
          Calving Rope for Calving Jack Vink
          Teat Hiko Tube
          Dairy Supplies
          Tail Tape blue 25mm
          Tail Tape white 25mm
          Tail Tape black 25mm
          Neoprene Parlour Trousers each
          Tail Tape yellow 25mm
          Tail Tape green 25mm
          Tail Tape red 25mm
          Vacuum Pump Oil 5li
          Neoprene Parlour Top each
          California Mastitis Test Paddle each
          Curved Squeegee 30"
          Neoprene Parlour Apron each
          California Mastitis Test Liquid each
          Cow Immobiliser/Kick Stop Bar each
          Hoof and foot care
          300lt. Foot Bath cattle
          Cowslip Plus Pack pk 10
          Hoof Cutter Compound Joint each
          Teat and Udder Cream 1kg
          Handles for Dehorning Wires pair
          Dehorning Wire 3.6m
          D. Nylon Hobbles set
          Vink Calving Jack 180cm
          Cow Immobiliser/Kick Stop Bar each
          Port o sol Gas Dehorner each
          Kamar Heat Detectors 25s
          Marking and Identification
          Tail Tape blue 25mm
          Tail Tape white 25mm
          Tail Tape yellow 25mm
          Tail Tape green 25mm
          Tail Tape red 25mm
          Endospec 2.5% cattle and sheep worm and fluke drench 5.0L POM
          Endospec 2.5% cattle and sheep worm and fluke drench 10.0L POM
          Endospec 2.5% cattle and sheep worm and fluke drench 2.5L POM
          Local Anaesthetic Injection Adrenacaine POM-VPS 100ml
          Magnesium Sulphate 25% Injection MAGNIJECT POM-VPS 400ml
          Noromectin Injection POM-VPS 50ml
          Hornex POM-VPS 25g
          Imaverol POM-VPS 100ml
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 1li
          Noromectin Injection POM-VPS 500ml
          Ovispec S & C 10% POM-VPS 10L
          Flypor POM-VPS 1li
          Spot On POM-VPS 250ml
          Flypor POM-VPS 3li
          Life Aid Extra Sachets pk 12 83g
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 2li
          Life Aid Extra Sachets pk 48 83g
          Endospec 10% cattle and sheep worm and fluke drench 2.5L POM
          Noromectin Pour-on POM-VPS 1li
          Noromectin Pour-on POM-VPS 2.5li
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 5li
          Noromectin Pour-on POM-VPS 250ml
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 10li
          Spot On POM-VPS 1li
          Calcium Borogluconate/Calciject 40% (No.2) POM-VPS 400ml
          Calcium Borogluconate/Calciject 40% CM (No.5) POM-VPS 400ml
          Showing and Handling
          Copper Bull Ring 2.5"
          Copper Bull Ring 2.25"
          Copper Bull Ring 2.75"
          Bleached Cotton Halter 12mm
          Bull RingNose Punch each
          Bleached Cotton Bull Halter 24mm
          Copper Bull Ring 3"
          Cotton Halter - Ring 12mm
          Cattle Perth Comb 5"
          Cattle Curry Comb
        Dogs & Cats
          Collars and Leads
          Oiled Collar 3/4x20" (1.9x50cm)
          Oiled Leather Lead Brown 1x40" (2.5x10cm)
          Leather Collar 5/8 x 16" (1.6 x 40cm)
          Leather Collar 5/8 x 18"(1.6x40)
          Oiled Collar 3/4x22" (1.9x55cm)
          Oiled collar 1/2 x 16" (1.2cmx40cm)
          Leather Collar 3/4 x 20 (1.9x 50cm)
          Pink Reflective Lead
          Oiled collar Blue 3/4x20" (1.9x45cm)
          Leather Collar 3/4 x 22" (1.9 x 55cm)
          Leather Collar 3/4 x 24" (1.9 x61cm)
          Reflective Paw Collar Medium Black
          Reflective Paw Collar Pink Medium
          Reflective Paw Collar Small Black
          Oiled Collar 3/4x18"(1.9x45)
          Reflective Paw collar Large Black
          Reflective Paw collar Pink Large
          Reflective Paw collar Pink small
          Oiled Leather Lead Brown 1 x 24" (2.5 x 60cm)
          Black Reflective Lead
          Flea and Pest Control
          One Shot Flea Fogger
          Gotcha 300g Household Flea Powder
          Ear drops 14ml
          Indorex House Flea Spray - Virbac
            Effipro Medium Dog 4 pipette
            Panacur Dog & Cat Paste POM-VPS 5g tube
            Effipro Large Dog 4 pipette
            Effipro Small Dog 4 Pipette
            Effipro Cat 4 pipette
            Imaverol POM-VPS 100ml
            Panacur Dog & Cat Granules 1.8g POM-VPS pk 3
            Panacur Dog & Cat Granules 4.5g Sachets POM-VPS pk 3
            Effipro XL Dog 4 pipette
          Dog Pen Side/Back each
          No Rinse Shampoo for Dogs
          Plastic bone Bowl Small Blue
          Plastic Bone Bowl small Pink
          Pro Trialler Dog whistle
          Dog Pen Front C/W Gate each
          Plastic bone Bowl Large Pink
          Dog bowl S/S 2.8L
          Liveryman Element Clippers
          Plastic Bone Bowl Blue Large
          Dog Bowl S/S 0.7L
          Dog Bowl S/S 1.8L
          1 lb Floating Dummy
          Companion Rubber Star
          3 lb Floating Dummy
          Puppy Dummy with Toggle
        Navel Clamp lamb/piglet/Kid
        Lamb Force Milk Replacer 10kg
        Galvanised Hay Basket each
        Septiclense - Violet 500ml
        Strong Iodine Spray 500ml
        Barrier Louse Powder 500g
        Bleached Cotton Halter 8mm
        Mane And Tail Brush
        Teather Stake
        Myti Lite MK3 Straight Shear each
        Leather Goat Headcollar
        Caprivite 2Kg
        Barrier Louse Powder 5kg
        Tie up cable 6M
        Goat Collar - all colours
        Minerals, Liquids, Licks, Buckets & Blocks
        MB Cattle Maintenance (GP cattle) Bucket 25kg
        Salt Block with Copper 10kg pk 2
        Salt Block no Copper 10kg. pk 2
        MFB Cattle Forage Balancer Bucket 25kg
        MB Sheep Mag (25kg)
        MB Sheep Maintenance Energy Bucket
        Crystalyx - Organyx Plus 12 x 80kg (L Green)
        Crystalyx - Calflyx Easybreather 44 x 22.5kg (Orange)
        Crystalyx - Organyx Plus 44 x 22.5kg (L Green)
        Crystalyx - Cattle Booster 12 x 80kg (Blue)
        Crystalyx - Pre Calver 12 x 80kg (Yellow)
        Crystalyx - Cattle High Mag 12 x 80kg (Green)
        Crystalyx - Pre Calver 44 x 22.5kg (Yellow)
        Crystalyx - Cattle High Mag 44 x 22.5kg (Green)
        Crystalyx - Sheep / Beef Standard 44 x 22.5kg (Black)
        Crystalyx - Garlyx for Cattle & Sheep 12 x 80kg (Black)
        Crystalyx - Sheep / Beef Standard 12 x 80kg (Black)
        Crystalyx - Garlyx for Cattle & Sheep 44 x 22.5 kg (Black)
        Crystalyx - Sheep Extra High Energy 12 x 80kg (Red)
        Crystalyx Cattle Booster 22.5kg Nutrition Lick Block
        Crystalyx - Optimum 12 x 80kg (Pink)
        Crystalyx - Sheep Extra High Energy 44 x 22.5Kg (Red)
        Crystalyx - Optimum 44 x 22.5kg (Pink)
        Crystalyx - Organyx Garlic 12 x 80kg (L Green)
        MB High Phos Hi Phos Bucket 25kg
        Crystalyx - Organyx Garlic 44 x 22.5kg (L Green)
        MB Buzz Off 25kg
          Feeders and Drinkers
          Nipple Drinker Wall Support Bracket 0.5"
          Nipple Drinker 0.5"High Pressure (pair)
          Pig Nose Ring Stainless Steel 1.5"
          Long Handled Pig Catcher
          Pig Ringer
          Pig Board Large 120 x 76
          Long Handled Battery Pig Coaxer
          Pig Board 94 x 76
          Pig / cattle Weigh Tape
          Piglet Tooth Cutting Forceps - Double spring
          Pig Movement Record Book
          Pig Oil 4.5li
          Piglet anti stress ball - Hanging
          Marking and Identification
          Piglet ear notcher - V
          Pig Tattoo Numbers/letters
          Tattoo Ink (Black) 1li
          Animal Marker Aerosol - Blue 450ml
          Animal Marker Aerosol - Green 450ml
          Pig Tattoo Slapper
          Animal Marker Aerosol - Red 400ml
          Pig Tattoo Ink Pad and Sponge
          Noromectin Injection POM-VPS 50ml
          Noromectin Injection POM-VPS 500ml
          Flubenol Pig Premix Wormer 600g POM
          Anti Chew/ Biting Trigger Spray
          Volac Faramate Piglet Milk Powder 10kg
          100 feed pig colostrum
           Mite Control
          Poultry Shield Red Mite Control - Concentrate 1L
          Poultry Shield Ready-to-use
          Diatom Red Mite Powder 425g
          Redmite Powder 500g
          Redmite Killer Aerosol 250ml
          Poultry Shield 5L
          Diatom 2KG
          Redmite Powder 5Kg Refill
          Scaly Leg Spray 500ml
          Breeding and Incubating
          Infra Red PAR 175w Bulb (White/Clear)
          Infra Red PAR 175w Bulb (Ruby)
          Infra Red Heat Lamp ? Standard 5m Cable
          Galvanised Chick Feeder
          Plastic Chick Feeder 30cm
          Infra Red Bulb Ceramic 250w
          Infra Red Bulb 250w (Ruby)
          Brinsea Eco Glow 20 Brooder
          Incubator Disinfectant -Brinsea 100ml
          Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator
          White Infa Red Bulb 250w
          Ova View Candling Lamp
          Octagon 20 Advanced Incubator Complete with Auto turn Cradle 230v
          6 Poultry Fountain Drinker 9li
          Auto Drinker - Small Red
           No 5 Poultry Fountain Drinker 4.5li
          Super Poultry Drinker 12li
          Maxi Auto Drinker - 160 chinkens
          Auto Drinker - Large
          8 Poultry Fountain Drinker 18li
          Eltex Auto Poultry Drinker 100 Birds
          Mushroom Poultry Drinker 1.3li
          Super Poultry Drinker 2li
          4 Poultry Fountain Drinker 2li
          Pressed Pulp Egg Box - 6 eggs - pk24
          Pressed Pulp Egg Tray - 30 egg pk10
          Poultry Leg Rings 16mm pk 100
          Plastic Egg Tray
          Poultry Leg Rings 12mm pk 50
          China Egg pk of 4
          Egg Lume/Candling Lamp std
          Poultry Catching net
          Poultry Crate
          Lid for 15kg Plastic Poultry Feeder each
          Galley Pot Feeder each
          Plastic Chick Feeder 30cm
          Eltex Poultry Feed Trough 18in
          Plastic Poultry Feeder 3kg
          Polyprop Feed Scoop medium
          Eltex Grit Hopper large
          Pheasant Feeder 27cm
          poultry Treadle Auto Feeder 20kg
          Eltex Broiler Tube Feeder 67cm
          Lid for 3kg Plastic Poultry Feeder each
          Pheasant Feeder 38cm
          Eltex Grit Hopper small
          Eltex Game Bird Feeder 67cm
          Red Hale chick Feeder
          Feed Scoop Alloy Castex 8 long
          Plastic Poultry Feeder 15kg
          First aid
          Poultry Septi Clense Powder
          Stockholm Tar 450g
          Anti-Feather Pecking Spray 500ml
          Sterilising concentrate 1Lt
          Hen House Freshener 2kg
          Viratec-P Defra Approved Disinfectant
          Poultry Run Ground Sanatiser 2Kg
          Flubenvet 1% Medicated Premixture POM
          Supplements, vitamins and Minerals
          Hentastic Foraging Cake Garlic, ginger & mixed herbs
          Liquid Life Guard 250ml
          Nutri - Drops Energy Booster 30ml
          Poultry Drink 250ml
          Egg Shell Improver 500g
          Hentastic Foraging Cake Feeder
          Poultry Spice 450gm
          Hentastic Foraging Feast 1KG Garlic, Ginger & Mixed Herbs
          Natures Grub-Chicken Seed and Insect Mix 700g
        Sheep & Lambing
          Clipping & Shearing
          Claw Shearer Cutter pk 2
          Countryman Shearer Comb each
          R15 Clipper Oil 250ml
          Single Bow Straight Shear 3.5"
          Wizard Clipper Blades sheep
          Animal Clipper Oil 125ml
          Lister Laser Shearer 240V
          7-Rail Galv. interlocking sheep hurdle
          Gambrel Restrainer medium
          Bleached Cotton Halter 8mm
          Hoof Care
          Copper Sulphate 25kg
          Foot Rot Aerosol 150g
          Myti Lite MK3 Straight Shear each
          Footrot Shears Plain
          FootrotShears Serrated
          Myti Lite II Lamb Footrot Shears
          Hoof Penknife Curved
          145ltr (18g) Foot Bath sheep
          Latex Non-Vac Teat Lamb
          Lamb Castration Rings pk 100
          Mini Suckler Teat White/Latex Lamb
          Lamb Bucket Feeder Teats pk 6
          Pullover Teat Lamb
          Pritchard Valved Teat Lamb
          Obstetric lube Gel 500ml
          Lambing Rope 2 loop
          Net Tex Lamb Reviver/Colostrum Feeder
          Prolapse Ewespoon 4s
          First 24 POWDER Colostrum 500g 20 Dose
          First 24 POWDER colostrum 1kg 40 Dose
          Mini Suckler Teat Red Lamb
          Non-Vac Bottle lamb
          Obstetric lube Gel 2li
          Prolapse Harness Nylon Ewe Truss each
          Lamb Sling each
          Standard Lamb Cover/Mac pk 100
          First 24 POWDER colostrum 250g 10 Dose
          Lamb Feeding Bucket 6 teat
          Non-Vac Bottle Rack (Inc. Bottles) lamb
          Lambing Instrument each
          Volostrum Lamb Colostrum 50g pk 10
          Shepherdess Auto Lamb Feeder
          50g Volostrum Lamb Colostrum single sachet
          Marking and Mating
          Super Sprayline Marker Aerosol - Green 400ml
          Pin Type Ram Crayon - Green each
          Pin Type Ram Crayon - Orange each
          Pin Type Ram Crayon - Blue each
          Super Sprayline Marker Aerosol - Black 400ml
          Pin Type Ram Crayon - Yellow each
          Pin Type Ram Crayon - Black each
          Super Sprayline Marker Aerosol - Red 400ml
          Super Sprayline Marker Aerosol - Yellow 400ml
          Wax Raidex Marker Stick - Black each
          Wax Raidex Marker stick - Yellow each
          Wax Raidex Marker Stick - Purple each
          Pin Type Ram Crayon - Red each
          Super Sprayline Marker Aerosol - Blue 400ml
          Sure Sired Ram Crayon Harness ? Nylon
          Super Sprayline Marker Aerosol - Purple 400ml
          Wax Raidex Marker stick - Red each
          Super Sprayline Marker Aerosol - Orange 400ml
          Wax Raidex Marker stick - Green each
          Raddle Powder - Yellow 1.5kg
          Wax Raidex Marker Stick - Blue each
          Raddle Powder - Blue 1.5kg
          Super Sprayline Marker Aerosol - White 400ml
          Raddle Powder - Green 1.5kg
          Raddle Powder - Red 1.5kg
          Fly Strike Plus Spray 250ml
          Septiclense - Clear 500ml
          Septiclense - Violet 500ml
          Strong Iodine Spray 500ml
          Ectofly 5L POM-VPS
          Endospec 2.5% cattle and sheep worm and fluke drench 10.0L POM
          Endospec 2.5% cattle and sheep worm and fluke drench 5.0L POM
          Endospec 2.5% cattle and sheep worm and fluke drench 2.5L POM
          Vetrazin Pour On POM-VPS 5li
          Fly & Maggot Killer 450ml
          Heptavac P Plus POM-VPS 50ml
          Noromectin Drench POM-VPS 1li
          Noromectin Drench POM-VPS 2.5li
          Heptavac P Plus POM-VPS 100ml
          Magnesium Sulphate 25% Injection MAGNIJECT POM-VPS 400ml
          Clik Pour On POM-VPS 5li
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 1li
          Vecoxan Drench POM-VPS 1li
          Noromectin Injection POM-VPS 50ml
          Crovect Pour-On POM-VPS 2.2li
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 5li
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 10li
          Heptavac P Plus POM-VPS 250ml
          Endospec 10% cattle and sheep worm and fluke drench 2.5L POM
          Clik Pour On POM-VPS 800ml
          Spot On POM-VPS 1li
          Crovect Pour-On POM-VPS 5li
          Crovect Pour-On POM-VPS 800ml
          Spot On POM-VPS 250ml
          Heptavac P Plus POM-VPS 500ml
          Noromectin Drench POM-VPS 5li
          Ovispec S & C 10% POM-VPS 10L
          Noromectin Injection POM-VPS 500ml
          Footvax POM-VPS 20ml
          Footvax POM-VPS 250ml
          Panacur Drench 10% POM-VPS 2li
          Vecoxan Drench POM-VPS 2.5li
          Footvax POM-VPS 50ml
          Vecoxan Drench POM-VPS 5li
          Calcium Borogluconate/Calciject 20% CMD (No.6) POM-VPS 400ml
          Lambivac POM-VPS 50ml
          Clik Pour On POM-VPS 2.2li
          Premium Powdered Milk Replacer 10kg
           Ewe drink 90ml - individual
          Nutrimax Multi Vitamin Sheep Drench 1li
           Ewe drink 90ml pk 12
      Boots, Gloves & Protective Clothing
        Lined Bull Rigger Boots
          Border Welllington
          Border Wellington Boots 9
          Border Wellington Boots 7
          Border Wellington Boots 8
          Border Wellington Boots 10
          Border Wellington Boots 11
          Border Wellington Boots 6
          Border Wellington Boots 12
          Border Wellington Boots 4
          Border Wellington Boots 3
          Dolomite Wellingtons
          Dolomite Nora Wellington Boots Size 7
          Dolomite Nora Wellington Boots Size 11
          Dolomite Nora Wellington Boots Size 10
          Dolomite Nora Wellington Boots Size 8
          Dolomite Nora Wellington Boots Size 12
          Dolomite Nora Wellington Boots Size 9
          Dolomite Nora Wellington Boots Size 6
          Premier Wellington
            Boot socks
            Boot Sock green small
            Boot Sock blue medium
            Boot Sock pink small
            Boot Sock blue large
            Boot Sock blue small
            Boot Sock pink medium
            Boot Sock green large
            Boot Sock blue medium
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Green Size 7
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Green Size 8
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Green Size 6
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Green Size 9
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Green Size 11
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Green Size 5
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Green Size 10
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Green Size 4
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Navy Size 8
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Navy Size 9
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Navy Size 10
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Navy Size 11
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Navy Size 12
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Navy Size 6
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Navy Size 7
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Navy Size 5
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Raspberry Size 6
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Raspberry Size 4
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Raspberry Size 5
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Raspberry Size 7
            Bosworth Premium Wellington Raspberry Size 8
          Steel Toecap Wellington
          Steel Toecap Wellington Boots. Size 9
          Steel Toecap Wellington Boots. Size 11
          Steel Toecap Wellington Boots. Size 10
          Steel Toecap Wellington Boots. Size 7
          Steel Toecap Wellington Boots. Size 8
          Steel Toecap Wellington Boots. Size 6
          Steel Toecap Wellington Boots. Size 12
          Nitrile Gloves pk100 Small Disposable
          Latex Large Disposable Gloves pk 100
          Vinyl Gloves 100 Small
          Latex Extra Large Disposable Gloves Pk 100
          Large Disposable Vinyl Gloves pk 100
          Vinyl Gloves pk100 XL
          Latex Small Disposable Gloves Pk 100
          Rubber Spray Gauntlet Elbow
          Latex Medium Disposable Gloves pk 100
          Nitrile XLarge Disposable Gloves pk 100
          Nitrile Disposable Gloves pk 100medium
          Shoulder Length Gloves 100s
          Medium Disposable Vinyl Gloves pk 100
          Nitrile Large Disposable Gloves pk 100
          Chrome Leather Rigger Gloves pair
          Leather Drivers Gloves pair
          Yellow CrissX Gloves pair
          PVC Knit Wrist Gloves pair
        Protective Clothing
        Neoprene Parlour Trousers each
        Rubber Spray Gauntlet Elbow
        Dallas Rainsuit Gx1sm,Gx5lrg,Bx1exlrg,Bx2exexlrg
        Neoprene Parlour Top each
        Flexothane WProof Jkt small
        Flexothane WProof Trousers small
        Neoprene Parlour Apron each
        ToughBoots Safety Boots
        Tough Boots Dealer Safety Boots. Size 8
        Tough Boots Dealer Safety Boots. Size 10
        Tough Boots Dealer Safety Boots. Size 6
        Tough Boots Dealer Safety Boots. Size 9
        Tough Boots Dealer Safety Boots. Size 7
        Tough Boots Dealer Safety Boots. Size 11
        Tough Boots Dealer Safety Boots. Size 12
      Country Clothing
      Nikwax Cotton Proof Spray 300ml
      Kingswood Over Trouser - 34
      Kingswood Over Trouser - 36
      Kingswood Over Trouser - 38
      Brampton Leather/canvas Cartridge Bag
      Kingswood Over Trouser - 30
      Kingswood Over Trouser - 32
      Kingswood Over Trousers - 40
      Kingswood Over Trousers - 42
        Classic Crew Sweater
        Crew Neck Combat Pullover - XL Green
        Crew Neck Combat Pullover - XXL Green
        Crew Neck Combat Pullover - L Green
        Crew Neck Combat Pullover - M Green
        Crew Neck Combat Pullover - S Green
        Classic V Sweater
        V Neck Combat Pullover - XXL Navy
        V Neck Combat Pullover - M Navy
        V Neck Combat Pullover - S Navy
        V Neck Combat Pullover - XL Navy
        V Neck Combat Pullover - L Navy
        Classic Wax Jacket
        Waxed Jacket x large
        Waxed Jacket XXL
        Waxed Jacket medium
        Waxed Jacket small
        Waxed Jacket large
        Gore Wax Stockmans Coat
        Gore Med Full Length Wax Coat - Brown
        Gore Large Full Length Coat - Brown
        Gore XL Full Length Coat - Brown
        Ladies Quilted Howden Coat
        DISCONTINUED Ladies Howden Lightweight Quilted Jacket
        Pro Work trousers
        36 waist, Long Pro Work Trousers
        36 waist, Standard Pro Work Trousers
        32 waist, Standard Pro Work Trousers
        38 waist, Standard Pro Work Trousers
        32 waist, Long Pro Work Trousers
        34 waist, Standard Pro Work Trousers
        34 waist, Long Pro Work Trousers
        Tattersall Shirts
        Tattersall Check Cotton Shirt - L
        Tattersall Check Cotton Shirt M
        Tattersall Check Cotton Shirt - XL
        Tattersall Check Cotton Shirt - XXL
        Wax Waistcaot
        Wax Waistcoat small
        Wax Waistcoat large
        Wax Waistcoat x large
        Wax Waistcoat medium
      Farm Tools & Sundries
        Brooms & Brushes
        Corn Broom each
        D1BM Bahia Mix/Stiff Churn Brush short handle
        D8M Bahia Mix /Stiff Churn Brush long handle
        H3/5m Platform Bahia Mix Broom Complete 24"
        h3/3 Platform Bahia Bass Broom Complete 18"
        H9/3 Black/Coco Soft Broom Head 18"
        BW1 Boot Brush with Handle large
        20P Nat. Bassine/Stiff Broom Head 12"
        24CB Channel Broom Head 24"
        H3/3M Platform Bahia Mix Broom Complete 18"
        KS16 L Knapsack Sprayer
        Spot Sprayer Kit, Pump, Lance & Hose 95L
        Orion Sprayer 12li
        Spot Sprayer Kit, pump lance and hose 55L
        4M Folding Boom Kit With ATV Frame Kit
        Orion Sprayer 6li
        Neptune Knapsack Sprayer 15li
        5M Versatile Boom
        95L Tank on Trailer c/w Lance & 7.7l/min Pump
        Matabi Jumbo Knapsack Sprayer 20L
        Matabi Knapsack sprayer 16L
        Matabi Multifunction 5L Sprayer
        3M Folding Boom
        Three Point Linkage Sprayer c/w folding boom & 7.7Lmin pump
        Ropes, Straps, Tapes & Tarps
        Insulation Tape Green 19mm
        Insulation Tape Black 19mm
        Insulation Tape Red 19mm
        Lorry Rope 10mm x 27m
        Insulation Tape Yellow 19mm
        Tarpaulin 1.8 x 2.4m each
        Tarpaulin 3.5 x 5.4m each
        Tarpaulin 7 x 11m each
        Insulation Tape Yellow 19mm pk 8
        Insulation Tape Green 19mm pk 8
        Blue Poly Rope 10mm x 220m
        Insulation Tape Blue 19mm pk 8
        Ratchet Strap 20m and ratchet
        Insulation Tape White 19mm
        Insulation Tape Red 19mm pk 8
        Insulation Tape Blue 19mm
        DISCONTINUED Insulation Tape Black 19mm pk 8
        Insulation Tape White 19mm pk 8
        Hessian Sand Bags each
        2 PlyBlue Paper Towel pk 6
        WD 40 Aerosol Lubricant 400ml WD40
        Three In One Oil 100ml
        Opinel pen knife lge
        Opinel pen knife med
        Plastic Measuring Jug 1li
        Chainsaw Oil 1Lt
        Plastic Measuring Jug 3li
        Tally Counter each
        Diesel cleaning Funnel - F15
        Jerry Can 20lt
        Plastic Measuring Jug 2li
        Pocket Balance each
        Diesel Cleaning Funnel - F8
        Spring Scale Balance each
        Plastic Measuring Jug 5li
        H/D Funnel Flexi Spout each
        Flashing Beacon each
        Tractor Funnel with Filter 10 x 7
        Opinel pen knife sml
        Claw Hammer 16oz
        Post Hole Auger
        Club Hammer
        Square Mouth Shovel - Solid Socket All Steel
        Crow Bar 5 ft
        Villiers V6000 ES Portable Generator
        Plastic Grain Shovel
        Villiers V3500 ES Portable Generator
        Villiers V2800 ES Portble Generator
        Irish Shovel - 54" shaft
        Alloy Grain Shovel No 10. D handle
        Bolt Croppers 24" 4868
        T Handle Poly Shovel Medium
        Taper Mouth Shovel - Solid Socket All steel
        Bolt Croppers 1m
        Cable Laying Shovel - Solid Socket All Steel
        D Handle Poly Shovel Large
        Trenching Shovel - Solid socket All Steel
        Anti Vibration Hammer 16 oz
        Ranch Cruiser Barrow 100li
        Chianti Clipper Barrow 90li
        Super Tipper Barrow 250li each
        Twin Wheeled Plastic Barrow - Blue 255li
        Twin Wheeled Plastic Barrow - Green 255li
      Feed & Handling Equipment
        Feed & Handling
        Circular Galvanised Cattle Feeder - Heavy 7ft Dia. 4ft 9in High
         Alpaca Hurdle 1.8M - 8 Rail interlocking 1.296m High
        Alpaca Hurdle - 2.4m - 8 Rail interlocking 1.296m High
        Double Sided Sheep Hayrack on wheels 8ft
        Double Sided Sheep Hayrack on wheels 4ft
        Feed Bin Triple Compartment 160cm
        Galvanised Lamb Creep Feeder 4ft
        Feed Bin Single Compartment 80cm
        Circular Galvanised Cattle Feeder - Standard 7ft Dia. 4ft 3in High
        Galvanised Lamb Creep Feeder 8ft
        Feed Bin Double Compartment 120cm
        Galvanised Sheep Circular Feeder each
        Double Sided Hayrack and Manger 8ft
        Double Sided Sheep Hayrack on wheels 10ft
        Heston High Density Cattle Feeder 10ft x 5ft x 4ft 9in High
        Troughs & Drinkers
        Service Box for Galvanised Drinking Trough 18
        Plastic Ground Trough 33li/2m
        Plastic Ground Trough 15li/1m
        Galvanised Drinking Troughs 6ft
        Plastic Drinking Trough 72 gal
        Galvanised Drinking Troughs 4ft
        Galvanised Drinking Troughs 3ft
        Galvanised Drinking Troughs 8ft
        Plastic Drinking Trough 90 gal
        Plastic Drinking Trough 30 gal
        Plastic Drinking Trough 10 gal
        Galvanised Drinking Troughs 10ft
        Round Plastic Trough 450 gal
      Generators and Pumps
      Ponstar PB - 55022 240V Pump
      Villiers V2800 ES Portble Generator
      Villiers V3500 ES Portable Generator
      G1000i Portable Inverter Generator 950w
      G2000i Portable Inverter Generator 2000W
      BIOX 400/12 Auto 240v Pump
      Villiers V6000 ES Portable Generator
      Honda SEH-50X G-120 Engine - Full Frame Pump
      JS-400 SVA 230v Automatic Sewage Pump
      Koshin Honda SEH-80X Gx120 Engine - Full Frame
      Villier G200VFQ 6.5hp Petrol, Engine
      SEM-25L 1 Koshin Mitsubishi Pump
      Villiers G390FQ 13hp Petrol Engine
      Heatlamps & Bulbs
      Infra Red PAR 175w Bulb (White/Clear)
      Infra Red PAR 175w Bulb (Ruby)
      Infra Red Heat Lamp ? Standard 5m Cable
      Delux Infra Red Lamp Holder
      Infra Red Bulb 250w (Ruby)
      Infra Red Bulb Ceramic 250w
      White Infa Red Bulb 250w
      Hygiene & Biosecurity
      Stalosan F 25kg
      Stalosan F 8kg
      Virkon Tablets - 50 X 5g
      Kilco GP Detergent 5lt
      Jeyes Fluid 5li
      Kilco Red Label Hypochlorite 25lt
      Sterilising concentrate 1Lt
      Virkon S 10kg
      Virkon S 5kg
      Virudine 20L
      Pine Disinfectant 5li
      Economy Disinfectant Drive Mat 2.6m x 1.01m
      Incubator Disinfectant -Brinsea 100ml
      HD3 20li
      Hyperox 5li
      Hyperox 20li
      Virudine 5L
      Poultry Run Ground Sanatiser 2Kg
      Lamps & Torches
      Clu Briter Handheld Torch
      Clulite Classic Torch 6V
      Lazer-Lite screen light mount kit
      PP1R Rigid Power Pack 12V 7AH
      Clubman Deluxe Torch CB2 12V
      Lazer-Lite Lamp Cigar Plug 50W LA3
      Pro Scanner 1000 Gunlight Kit with Filter Set
      PP7 Canvas Power Pack 12V 7Ah
      Interceptor Gun Light
      Mini Lazer Gun Light
      Kneeler Tripod
      Gun Lite Kit each
      Super Bright Gun Light
      Magnetic Gun Light Holder
      Land Management
        Grass Seed / Fertiliser
        Acre Pack Grass Seed (graze max dual purpose - Graze & Cut) 10kg
        Top Paddock Fertiliser
        Weed Control / Seed / Fertiliser / Sprayers
        Groundclear Glyphosate + Residual (12 sachet)
        Barrier H 5li
        Kaskara 1L
        Grazon Pro 1li
        Roundup Pro Biactive 5li
        Slingshot/Clinic Ace / Gallup - Amenity 5L
        Roundup Pro Biactive 1li
        Pastor 2L
        7200 Baler Twine - Heston pk 2
        Silage Patches 150mm x 100mm 33m
        22300 Baler Twine - Fine pk 2
        10000 Baler Twine - Hay pk 2
        12000 Baler Twine - Medium pk 2
        Netwrap 3600 Agrimac Blue / Yellow
      Medical & Healthcare
         Needles, Drenchers & Pour On Applicators
          Disposable Needles 19g 1" Singles
          Disposable Needles 20g 5/8" Singles
          Disposable Needles 21g 5/8" Singles
          Disposable Needles 20g 1" Singles
          Disposable Needles 18g 1/2" pk100
          Disposable Needles 19g 1" pk100
          Reusable Needles 16g 1" pk 12
          Disposable Needles 16g 1 1/2" pk100
          Disposable Needles 18g 1 1/2" pk100
          Disposable Needles 20g 5/8" pk100
          Reusable Needles 14g 5/8" pk 12
          Disposable Needles 21g 5/8" pk100
          Disposable Needles 20g 1" pk100
          Reusable Needles 20g 5/8" pk 12
          Disposable Needles 16g 1" pk100
          Reusable Needles 21g 1/2" pk 12
          Sterimatic Vaccinator Refill Pack pk 5
          Disposable Needles 18g 3/4" pk100
          Disposable Needles 21g 1/2" pk100
          Reusable Needles 17g 3/4" pk 12
          Reusable Needles 18g 1/2" pk 12
          Reusable Needles 13g 1 1/2" pk 12
          Reusable Needles 16g 1 1/2" pk 12
          Reusable Needles 18g 3/4" pk 12
          Reusable Needles 17g 1/2" pk 12
          Reusable Needles 18g 1" pk 12
          Reusable Needles 14g 1 1/2" pk 12
          Disposable Needles 16g 1 1/2" Singles
          Disposable Needles 16g 1" Singles
          Disposable Syringe 5ml
          Disposable Syringe 2ml.
          Disposable Syringe 10ml
          Disposable Syringe 20ml
          Disposable Syringe 50ml
          Slap-Shot Flexible Vaccinator
          Disposable Syringe 30ml
          Syringe & Catheter 60ml
          Drenchmatic injection Attachment
          Disposable Syringe 30ml. pk 40
          Reusable Syringe 20ml
          Rubber Flutter Valve( for 1 1/2" Needles 13g)
          Reusable Syringe 50ml
          Disposable Syringe. 50ml. pk 25
          Drenchmatic auto drencher cw nozzle 30ml
          Disposable Syringe. 10ml pk 100
          Drenchmatic Pour on Nozzle
          Disposable Syringe. 5ml. pk 100
          Disposable Syringe. 2ml. pk 100
          Reusable Syringe 10ml
          Clik Gun
          Disposable Syringe 20ml pk 50
          Drenchmatic auto drencher cw nozzle 20ml
          Service Kit-Henke each drenchmatic
          Spot On Gun
          DISCONTINUED Disposable Syringe. 60ml. pk 50
          Sterimatic Vaccinator 5ml
        Lamb Castration Rings pk 100
        Septiclense - Clear 500ml
        Septiclense - Violet 500ml
        Strong Iodine Spray 500ml
        Digital Thermometer C/F
        Barrier Louse Powder 500g
        Hibiscrub 500ml
        Liquid Life Aid 960ml
        Hobdays Thermometer
        Surgical Spirit 500ml
        Triscrub 5li
        Strong Iodine 2 li
        Castration Ring Pliers each
        Barrier Louse Powder 5kg
        Pig Oil 4.5li
        Recovery Spray 750ml
        Oral Tube Feeder calf
        Diarex Box of 20
        Surgical Spirit 2.0li
        Castration Rings pk 500
        Purple Spray 250ml
      Pest & Fly Control
        Baits and Poisons
        Bait Box mouse
        Advanced Rat Trap each
        Advanced Mouse Trap each
        Bait Box Rat
        Romax Difenacoum Bait 20kg
        Romax Bromadialone Bait 20kg
        Tomcat 2 Blox 1.8kg
        Jaguar Blocks 4kg
        Sorexa Gel 300g
        Tomcat 2 Blox 8kg
        Tomcat Place Pacs. 100g pk 40
        Tomcat 2 Blox 4kg
        Tomcat 2 Pellets 10kg
        Ratta + Difenablocks - 10kg bucket
        Tomcat 2 Pellets 5kg
        Ratta + Difenablocks - 3Kg
        Ratta + Difenagrain - 3kg bucket
        Ratta + Difenagrain - 20kg Sack
        Bait Station Tube each box
        Ratta + Difenablocks - 5Kg Bucket
        Ratta + Difenapaste - 5Kg
        Tomcat 2 Pellets 2.5kg
        Ratta + Difenagrain - 50 x 100g sachets - 5kg
        Ratta + Difenagrain - 10kg bucket
        Ratta + Difenagrain100 x 100 sachets 10kg
        Ratta + Difenagrain - 5Kg
        Bird Scarers
        Agrilaser Bird Scarer
        scarem spare kite
        Scare em
        Agrilaser Lite
        Cages and Traps
        Rat Glue Trap Boards twin pack
        Rabbit Snare each
        Fenn Rat Trap No. 4
        Mole Claw Trap each
        Fenn Rat Trap No 6
        Rabbit Cage Trap each
        Rat/squirrel Cage Trap
        Mink Cage Trap each
        Larsen Cage Trap each
        Folding Fox Cage Trap each
        Fox Snare each
        Fly Control
        Fly Papers 4
        Red Top Fly Trap Each
        Big Fly Stick
        Fly & Wasp Killer 300ml
        Barn and Stable Fly Catcher 7
        Dairy Fly Spray 4.5L
        Fly Roll 9M
        Fly Trap each
        Grazers Garden
        Sonic Mole Repeller
        Bird Spike SS 1M
        450g Cat Repeller Scatter Granules
        Sonic Cat and Dog Repeller
        Phostoxin Applicator each
        Scoot Fox Repellent
        Grazers 10 Acre
        Grazers Amenity 2.5 Acres
      SALE Farming
      Gambrel Restrainer medium
          Windsor Field Coat
          Windsor XL Tweed Field Coat - Olive / Mustang
        Wasp .22 Blue Pellets x 500 (5.6)
        177 Red Domed Pellets x 500
        Comp X 21g 7.5 Fibre 12g - IN STORE ONLY
        Pro Twenty 21g 7.5 Fibre 20g 65mm - IN STORE ONLY
        Sovereign 28g 7.5 Fibre 12g 70mm - IN STORE ONLY
        Hight Pheasant Extreme 32g 5.0 Fibre 70mm - IN STORE ONLY
        Imperil Game 28g 6.0 Fibre 12g 65mm - IN STORE ONLY
        Superfast 27g 7.5 Fibre 12g 70mm - IN STORE ONLY
        Sovereign 28 gram 7.5 Fibre 12g 70mm - IN STORE ONLY
        High Pheasant 28 gram 6.0 fibre 20g - IN STORE ONLY
        Hi Pheasant 30g 6.0 Fibre 12g 65mm - IN STORE ONLY
        High Pheasant Extreme30 gram 6.0 Fibre 20g 65mm - IN STORE ONLY
        Clean and Care
        Gun Lubricant 30ml
        Bore Cleaner Aerosol
        Quick Clean Pellets .22
        Quick CLean Pellets .177
        Silicone Cloth
        Gun Oil Aerosol
        Boresnake Shotgun
        Airgun Pull through Kit
        RW2 Clean Kit
        Silicone Gun Oil 20ml
        Shotgun Pull Through
        Boresnake Rifle
        Silicone Gun Oil 150ml
        Rifle Pull Through Kit
        Gun Grease Tub
        Gun Oil Tin
        Bore Cleaner Tin
        Clothing and Accessories
        Moleskin Tousers
        Stalking Gloves
        Peninne shooting Socks (The Harlequin Moss D258 Large)
        Wax Treggins
        Dents Leather Shooting Gloves Brown Medium
        Dents Leather Shooting gloves Green Medium
        Wax Leggins
        Dents Leather Shooting Gloves Green Large
        Canvas Gaiters
        Mens "Tweed" Boot Socks
        Tie - Single Phes (pol)
        Plain Stocking
        Mens Combat Socks
        Trigger "game" bag
        Shooting Leather Gloves
        Hot Gel Reusable Pads
        Superflex Jacket
        Shooting Mit Khaki
        Leather Gaitors
        Plain Garter
        Tie - Duck Check (POL)
        Tie - Phes Blue (silk)
        Tie - Phes Burg (silk)
        Decoys, Traps, knives etc
        Competitor Clay Trap
        Swiss Knife Fisherman
        Flying Crow Decoy
        Swiss Knife Huntsman
        Flying Pigeon (pair) decoy
        Floating Duck Decoy
        Maxi Double Trap
        Opinel Outdoor Knife
        Corral Creek Knife
        Swiss Knife Spartan - Camo
        Static Pigeon Decoy
        Magpie Decoy
        Gun Dog
        Silent dog whistle
        Double Lead Clip Brace
        Basic Slip Lead
        Extendable Lead
        Field Trial Lead
        640 Acme Whistle
        Protection Eye & Ear
        Sonic 2 Shooters Aid Ear Plugs
        Compact Ear Defender by Bisley
        T-85 Safety Glasses
        A1000 proframe set safety glasses
        Bisley Active Electronic Ear Defenders
      Water Pipes & Fittings
      Pipe Fitting - Liner MDPE 25mm
      Pipe Fitting - Liner MDPE 20mm
      Pipe Lagging 22mm
      Pipe Lagging 28mm
      Pipe Fitting - Blanking Plug 25mm
      Ball Valve Float - Round 100mm
      Union Bibcock (Tap) "
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Wall Plate Elbow Plastic 25mm
      Ball Valve Complete "
      Pipe Fitting - Insert Set Copper Type A (Black) 22mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - End Connector POL x FI BSP 20mm
      Cobra Pipe Clips 20mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Elbow POL x FI BSP 20mm
      Cobra Pipe Clips 32mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - End Connector POL x FI BSP 20mm
      Pipe Fitting - Tee Equal POL x POL 20mm
      Pipe Fitting - End Cap 20mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - End Connector POL x MI BSP 25mm
      Pipe Fitting - Joiner POL x POL 20mm
      PTFE Tape roll
      Pipe Fitting - Stopcock POL x POL 20mm
      Union Bibcock (Tap) "
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Wall Plate Elbow Plastic 20mm
      Pipe Fitting - Stopcock POL x POL 25mm
      Pipe Fitting - End Cap 25mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - End Connector POL x MI BSP 20mm
      Pipe Fitting - Liner MDPE 50mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - End Connector POL x FI BSP 25mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - End Connector POL x MI BSP 20mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Elbow POL x FI BSP 20mm
      Pipe Fitting - Blanking Plug 50mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - End Connector POL x FI BSP 25mm
      20mm Blue MDPE Pipe 100m
      Pipe Fitting - Tee Equal POL x POL 25mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Elbow POL x FI BSP 25mm
      Pipe Fitting - Insert Set Copper Type A (Black) 15mm
      Pipe Fitting - Blanking Plug 32mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Tee POL x FI BSP 25mm
      Pipe Fitting - Blanking Plug 63mm
      Ball Valve Complete "
      Pipe Fitting - Blanking Plug 20mm
      25mm Blue MDPE Pipe 100m
      Pipe Fitting - Liner MDPE 32mm
      Pipe Fitting - Joiner POL x POL 25mm
      20mm Blue MDPE Pipe 150m
      Pipe Fitting - Tee Equal POL x POL 32mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Elbow POL x FI BSP 25mm
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Tee POL x FI BSP 20mm
      Pipe Fitting - Joiner POL x POL 50mm
      32mm Blue MDPE Pipe 100m
      Pipe Fitting - Stopcock POL x POL 32mm
      25mm Blue MDPE Pipe 25m
      Pipe Fitting - Joiner POL x POL 32mm
      32mm Blue MDPE Pipe 50m
      20mm Blue MDPE Pipe 25m
      Pipe Fitting - End Cap 32mm
      Ball Valve Float - Elongated each
      " BSP Pipe Fitting - Tank Connector Assembly 25mm
      25mm Blue MDPE Pipe 50m
      Pipe Fitting - Liner MDPE 63mm
      Cranked Arm Ball Valve Complete "
      Yellow Hose H.D. 19mm x 50m
      Cobra Pipe Clips 25mm
      Yellow Hose H.D. 12mm x 25m
      32mm Blue MDPE Pipe 25M
      Double Check Valve Bibcock (Tap)
      Pipe Fitting - Tee Equal POL x POL 50mm
      Yellow Hose H.D. 12mm x 50m
      Pipe Fitting - Tee Equal POL x POL 63mm
      20mm Blue MDPE Pipe 50m
      Pipe Fitting - Joiner POL x POL 63mm
    Fencing & Gates
      Closeboard Materials
      Feather Edge 1.8m x 150mm x22mm Board Brown
      Feather Edge 1.8m x 125mm x22mm Board Brown
      Feather Edge 1.65m x 125mm x22mm Board Brown
      Arris Rail Fixing Brackets
      Sawn 3m x 75mm x 75mm Arris Rail Brown
      Sawn 150mm x 22mm Gravel Board 3m Brown
      Sawn 4inx4in Post 2.4m Brown
      Feather Edge 1.65m x 150mm x22mm Board Brown
      Creosotes & Preservatives
      Dark Brown Creosote 25li
      Black Creosote 25li
      Ecosote - All Colours 4L
      Dark Brown Creocote 20L
      Premium Barn Black 5L
      Black Tar Varnish 25li
      Electric Fencing
         Batteries & Earth Stakes
        D Duracell Batteries pk 2
        ESB 57 Battery Fence Energiser each
        ESB 325 Battery Fence Energiser each
        ESB 225 Battery Fence Energiser each
        ESB 15 Battery Fence Energiser each
        ESM 4500i Mains Fence Energiser each
        ESB 202 Battery Fence Energiser each
        ESM 2500 Mains Fence Energiser each
        ESM 5500i Mains Fence Energiser each
        ESB 275 Battery Fence Energiser each
        ESB 375 Battery Fence Energiser each
        ESM 401 Mains Fence Energiser each
        ESM 3500i Mains Fence Energiser each
        Wood Screw Ins. Bucket 120
        Free Running 20/40mm Electrotape Ins. pk 20
        Electrotape End Strain Ins. pk 2
        Wood Screw Post Ins. pk 20
        Wood Screw Ins. pk 20
        GFN Strain Ins. pk 10
        Gate Break Post Ins. pk 2
        Heavy Duty Ins. pk 20
        Clip Type Ins. Tape/Rope pk 10
        Screw In Gate Anchor Ins. pk 4
        Pigtail Ins. pk 10
        Heavy Duty Electrotape Corner Ins. pk 10
        Nail On Ins. pk 20
        Clip Type 20/40mm Electrotape Ins. pk 20
        Pigtail Offset Plastic Ins. pk 10
        Super Heavy Duty Ins. pk 20
        Bobbin Ins. pk 50
        Round Rod Screw On Ins. pk 20
        Poultry net kit - 50M
        30-203 Horse and Pony Starter Kit
        Poultry net kit - 25M
        Nets & Reel Systems
        Jumbo Heavy Duty Reel
        Post Mounted SI Reel
        Long Termination Post
        Mini SI Reel
        Mounting Post For SI Reel T Section
        Mini Reel Mounting Post
        28-140 Rutland S/Rabbit Net-Single Spike 50m GREEN
        Mounting Post For Jumbo Heavy Duty Reel T Section
        28-160 Rutland S/Poultry Net-Double Spike 50m
        Termination Post T Section
        Jumbo Side Mounted Reel
        19-297 Green Economy Poly Post 10
        19-162 Mini Poly Posts (Green) 10
        19-196 Metal Pigtail Strip Grazing Post 10
        19-195 Metal Strip Grazing Post 10
        19-195H Tall Metal Strip Grazing Post pk 10
        Tapes, Wire, Rope & Sundries
        Hi Power 6 Stranded Electro Rope
        Electro-Rope Clamps pk 10
        Warning Signs pk 5
        Electro-Gate 20ft
        Wire Clamps pk 20
        Lead Out Cable 25m
        17-019 Gate Electrotape 18ft
        Electrotape Green 40mm x 200m
        Isolator Switch
        Jumbo Polywire 250m
        Tape Joiner 13/20mm pk 5
        Spring Gate 18ft
        Tape Joiner 40mm pk 5
        Electrotape Standard 20mm x 400m
        Jumbo Polywire 500m
        Stranded Wire 400m
        Tape Tensioner 40mm
        Electrotape Standard 20mm x 200m
        Spring Gate 12ft
        Electrotape Standard 40mm x 200m
        Tape Connector 40mm
        14-173 Voltage Tester each
        Tape Tensioner 20mm
        Stranded Wire 200m
        Electrotape Green 40mm x 500m
        Lead Out Cable 50m
        Lead Out Cable 100m
        Electrotape Standard 40mm x 400m
        Maxi Electro-Rope 40mm x 400m
        Maxi Electro-Rope 500m
        Electrotape Green 12mm x 200m
        Electrotape 12mm x 200m
        Maxi Electro-Rope 200m
        Flexi-Gate 13ft
      Fencing Tools
      Fencing tools
      End Cutter 8?
      Post Rammer 6"
      Boundary Fence Clamp Strainer 100cm
      Measuring Wheel each
      Sledge Hammer 14lb
      Earth Rammer 10lb
      Economy Shuv Holer each
      Boundary Strainer 6m chain
      Eze pull 4 in 1
      Gripple Tensioner each
      Fence Wire Tensioning Tool 57547
      Monkey Strainer each
      Sledge Hammer 7lb
      Sledge Hammer 10lb
      Gripple Contractor Tensioner
      Auger Drill Bit 20mm
      Handheld bolt cutters
      Myti Fence Wire Tensioning Tool
      Stockade Fencing Stapler
      Stockade Compressor
      Ironmongery & Gate Fittings
        Radisseur Strainer Large
        M10 Coach Screws 50mm pk 4
        Gripple Wire Joiner Medium pk 20
        M10 Coach Screws 70mm pk 4
        Gripple T clip - medium pk 20
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 50mm 2.5kg
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 100mm 10kg
        40mm Galv. Wire Staples 2.5kg
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 150mm 0.5kg
        Gripple Twister pk 100
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 150mm 2.5kg
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 100mm 0.5kg
        30mm Galv. Wire Staples 0.5Kg
        Spring Clip 2" pk 2
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 125mm 2.5kg
        Dee Shackle 10mm
        30mm Galv. Wire Staples 2.5kg
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 100mm 2.5kg
        Barrel Strainer 8mm
        25mm Galv. Wire Staples 2.5kg
        Carbine Hook 4"
        Ratchet Strainer 3/8" Eye
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 50mm 0.5kg
        M10 Coach Screws 70mm pk 50
        Cranked Barbed Wire Extender each
        M10 Coach Screws 150mm pk4
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 75mm 2.5kg
        40mm Galv. Wire Staples 10kg
        Quick repair links x2 (8mm)
        M10 Coach Screws 100mm pk 50
        Dee Shackle 5mm
        Eye Bolt 8"
        Locking Ferrule Strainer 89mm
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 100mm 25kg
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 125mm 0.5kg
        40mm Galv. Wire Staples 25kg
        30mm Galv. Wire Staples 25kg
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 125mm 25kg
        Gas Gun Nails (Paslode) 90mm pk 2000
        40mm Galv. Wire Staples kg
        Dee Shackle 16mm
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 150mm 25kg
        M10 Coach Screws 100mm pk 4
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 40mm 25Kg
        M10 Coach Screws 150mm pk 25
        30mm Galv. Wire Staples 10kg
        Spring Clip 3" pk 2
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 50mm 25kg
        M10 Coach Screws 50mm pk 50
        DISCONTINUED 60 x 6mm Carbine hook pk 2
        Galvanised Round Wire Nails 75mm 0.5kg
        Gavanised Round Wire Nails 65mm 25Kg
        Galvanised Spring Head Nails 65mm 1kg
        Gate Furniture
        Hook to Drive 0.75" x 8"
        Slip Rail Bracket each
        Hook to Bolt 0.75" x 13"
        Hook on narrow plate
        Brenton Bolt 5/8" x 8"
        Gate Eye to Weld 1"eye flat
        Tee Hinge - Galvanised 18" per pair
        Adjustable Gate Eye 0.75" x 6"
        Double Timber Gate Fastener Set 18"
        Adjustable Gate Eye 0.75"eye x 10"
        Throw Over Loop 14"
        Hook to Weld 1" Flat
        Auto Gate Catch Set heavy
        Tee Hinge - Galvanised 12" per pair
        Hook to Screw 0.75" x 6"
        Auto Gate Catch medium
        Auto Gate Catch Only heavy
        Safety Gate Hook + Eye each
        Spring Loaded Animal Bolt 0.5"
        Gate Eye to Weld 0.75"eye flat
        Adjustable Field Gate Hinge Set 18"
        Spring Catch and Keep Set each
        Cup for heavy duty reversible hinge 18"-24" pair
        Gate Return Spring 10"
        Adjustable Field Gate Hinge Set 24"
        Oval Pad Bolt 4"
        Hook to Weld 0.75" Flat
        New Zealand Gate Catch Set 42cm
        Cranked Striker Only For Auto Catch heavy
        Galvanised Monkey Tail Bolt 18"
        Straight Hooks and Band Hinge 24" per pair
        Cup for heavy duty reversible hinge 36" pair
        Auto Catch Animal Bolt/ Stable
        Tee Hinge - Galvanised 24" per pair
        Drop Bolt 5/8" x18"
        Mortice Gate Catch
        Hook for Band Hinges 36" Pair
        Straight Hooks and Band Hinge 36" per pair
        Heavy Duty Reversible Hinge 18" Pair
        Double Metal Gate Throw Over Loop light
        Gravity Catch for Concreting - each
        Adjustable Gate Eye 0.75" x 8"
        Locking bar To Swivel
        Heavy Duty Reversible Hinge 24" Pair
        Hook to Build 0.75" x 9"
        Tee Hinge - Galvanised 16" per pair
        Centre Catch for Spring Catch Set each
        Double Metal Gate Throw Over Loop heavy
        Heavy Duty Reversible Hinge 36" Pair
        Rising Double Strap Hinge 5"
        Gate Support Wheel large each
        Hunting Catch
        Adjustable Gate Eye 1"eye x 8"
        Hook for Band Hinges 18"-24" Pair
        Double Strap Top Hinge 24"
        Double Strap Top Hinge 18"
        Straight Hooks and Band Hinge 18" per pair
      Metal Gates & Posts
      Steel Slam Gate Post - Slot 4.5"
      Steel Slam Gate Post - Autocatch 4.5"
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 12ft
      Steel Hang Gate Post 4.5"
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 10ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 10ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 15ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 12ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 3ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 15ft
      Steel Slam Gate Post - Autocatch 3.5"
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 5ft
      Universal Gate 6 Rail 14ft
      Half Meshed Gate 15ft
      Fully Meshed Gate 4ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 4ft
      Half Meshed Gate 10ft
      Half Meshed Gate 3ft
      Fully Meshed Gate 10ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 14ft
      Half Meshed Gate 8ft
      Fully Meshed Gate 8ft
      Steel Slam Gate Post - Slot 3.5"
      Half Meshed Gate 12ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 8ft
      Half Meshed Gate 4ft
      Fully Meshed Gate 15ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 8ft
      Half Meshed Gate 6ft
      Steel Hang Gate Post 3.5"
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 16ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 3ft
      Cattleyard 5-Rail Gate 8ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 6ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 16ft
      Barrier Gate 12ft
      Barrier Gate 15ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 6ft
      Fully Meshed Gate 3ft
      Cattleyard 5-Rail Gate 12ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 11ft
      Cattleyard 5-Rail Gate 15ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 9ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 13ft
      Cattleyard 5-Rail Gate 4ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 7ft
      Barrier Gate 10ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 11ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 9ft
      Universal Gate 6 Rail 4ft
      Fortress 6 rail Galvanised Gate 13ft
      Barrier Gate 20ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 5ft
      Fully Meshed Gate 12ft
      Barrier Gate 8ft
      Cattleyard 5-Rail Gate 10ft
      Universal Gate 7 Rail 7ft
      New Products
      Vice Bite
      Press Fit Security collar - 19mm Gate Hook
      Zedlock For Metal Gates
      Zedlock for Timber Gates
      Zedlock Timber Gate Post Assembly
      Panel Fencing
      Panel Clip - Pair
      Closeboard Panel 6ftx5ft6in
      Closeboard Panel 6ftx5ft
      Closeboard Panel 6ftx6ft
      Prestige Panel - Square Horizontal 180x120
      Prestige Panel - Square Horizontal 180x150
      Prestige Panel - Arched & Lattice Top 180x180
      Prestige Panel - Square Horizontal 180x180
      Prestige Panel - Arched Horizontal 180x180
      Prestige Panel - Square Horizontal 180x90
      Prestige Panel - Concave Lattice Top 180x157
      Prestige Panel - V Arched 180x120
      Prestige Panel - Horizontal Lattice Top 180x120
      Prestige Panel - V Arched 180x150
      Prestige Panel - Horizontal Lattice Top 180x150
      Prestige Panel - V Arched 180x180
      Prestige Panel - Horizontal Lattice Top 180x180
      Prestige Panel - Omega Lattice 180x180
      Closeboard Panel 6ftx4ft
      Prestige Panel - Omega Lattice Top 180x90
      Prestige Panel - Omega Lattice180x180
      Round Fencing & Timber
      Peeled 3-4in Round Post - Pointed 6ft
      Peeled 3-4in Round Post - Pointed 5ft 6in
      Machined 4.5in Half-Round Rail - 12ft
      Peeled 3-4in Round Post - Pointed 7ft
      Peeled 3-4in Round Post - Pointed 8ft
      Machined 3.5in Round Post - Pointed 5ft 6in
      Machined 4.5in Half-Round Post - Pointed 5ft 6in
      Peeled 5-6in Round Strainer Post - Pointed 7ft
      Peeled 4-5in Half-Round Post - Pointed 6ft
      Peeled 6-7in Round Strainer Post - Pointed 8ft
      Peeled 2-3in Round Post - Pointed 6ft
      Machined 6in Round Strainer Post - Pointed 8ft
      Machined 5in Round Strainer Post - Pointed 7ft
      Machined 3.5in Round Post - Pointed 6ft
      Peeled 4-5in Half-Round Post - Pointed 5ft 6in
      Machined 4.5in Half-Round Post - Pointed 6ft
      Peeled 2-3in Round Tree Stake - Pointed 8ft
      Sawn Fencing & Timber
      Sawn 4in x 2in Rail 3.6m
      Sawn 5in x 3in Post 1.8m
      Sawn 4in x 1.5in Rail 3.6m
      6in x 1.5in Gravel Board 3.6m
      Sawn 4in x 4in Post 1.8m
      Sawn 3.5in x 1.5in Rail 3.6m
      Sawn 4in x 4in Post 3m
      Sawn 4in x 4in Post 2.4m
      Sawn 5in x 3in Post 2.1m
      Security & Steel Fencing
        Bowtop Fencing
        Palisade Fencing
        V Mesh Panelling
        V Mesh Panel Fencing
      Timber Gates & Posts
      6" x 6" Timber Gate Post 7ft
      7" x 7" Timber Gate Post 7ft
      Timber Field Gate 8ft
      Timber Hunting Gate 3ft
      Timber Field Gate 6ft
      Timber Hunting Gate 4ft
      Timber Field Gate 10ft
      Timber Entrance Gate 12ft
      Timber Field Gate 12ft
      Stallion Gate 12ft
      Timber Entrance Gate 10ft
      Timber Entrance Gate 11ft
      Timber Field Gate 9ft
      Timber Entrance Gate 6ft
      Timber Entrance Gate 7ft
      Timber Hunting Gate 5ft
      Timber Entrance Gate 8ft
      Timber Hunting Gate 6ft DO NOT USE
      Timber Entrance Gate 9ft
      Timber Kissing Gate std
      Timber Personnel Gate 3?
      Timber Field Gate 11ft
      Timber Personnel Gate 4?
      Timber Personnel Gate 5?
      Wire Fencing
        Horse Fence
        42" R12/110/8 Tornado Horse Fence 50m
        48" R13/120/8 Tornado Horse Fence 50M
        Rabbit & Poultry Netting
        31mm std rabbit netting -1050mm 19g- Hot dipped 50M
        31mm Standard Rabbit Netting ? 1200 mm 19g - Hot Dipped 50M
        31mm Standard Rabbit netting - 1200mm 18g - Hot Dipped
        31mm std rabbit netting - 1050 -hot dip - 18g - 50m
        25mm Galvanised Wire Netting ? 900mm 10m
        13mm Galvanised Wire Netting ? 600mm 10m
        25mm Galvanised Wire Netting ? 600mm 10m
        13mm Galvanised Wire Netting ? 900mm 10m
        50mm Poultry Wire Netting ? 1800mm 50m
        Stock Fencing & Plain Wire
        Stock Fence 48 L10/12/15 50m
        Stock Fence 32 C8/80/15 50m
        Stock Fence 32 HT8/80/15 100m
        Stock Fence C8/80/15 100M
        Plain High Tensile Steel Wire 3.15 mm 25kg
        Plain Mild Steel Wire 2.5mm 25kg
        Plain High Tensile Steel Wire 2.5mm 25kg
        Plain Mild Steel Wire 2.5mm 5kg
        Plain Mild Steel Wire 3.15mm 5kg
        Plain Mild Steel Wire 3.15mm 25kg
        2 x 2? Welded Mesh Panel 8 x 4?
        25M Noviplax PVC coated netting - 1.2M
        Light Welded Mesh 13 x 13mm 19g ? 900mm 6m
        Light Welded Mesh 50 x 50mm 16g ? 900mm 6m
        Weldmesh 1.2m 50 x 50mm Galvanised 25m
        6mmx6mm light welded mesh 900mm 6m 4001
        Weldmesh 1.8m 50 x 50mm Galvanised 25m
        2m 50 x 50 green coated weldmesh 12g
        6mmx6mm light welded mesh 900mm 30m
        Weldmesh 1.2m 25 x 25mm Galvanised 15g 25M
        Light Welded Mesh 25 x 25mm 19g ? 900mm 6m
        6 x 3? Welded Haymiser Panel 6 x 3?

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