Why Solar PV? (Photovoltaic)

The UK has ample sunlight to make it worthwhile for you to invest in the installation of a Solar PV array, either on a roof or on a piece of land set aside for the purpose. As PV is made up of modules of approximately 1.3M x 1M, an array (the full PV installation) can be designed to accommodate virtually any size and shape.

As a general guide a roof area of around 100m2 would be sufficient to produce over £150,000 of income under the FIT scheme. Larger arrays covering 3 acres of land would produce revenue in excess of £190,000 per year for any farmer or landowner looking to diversify.

If installed on a roof, PV can be easily incorporated into most buildings, the obvious candidates being agricultural barns, industrial units and factories.

Solar PV arrays have no moving parts, if a well designed PV system is installed properly, very little maintenance is required. Equipment should operate silently and automatically and most importantly unlike fossil fuel power stations, they emit no carbon dioxide in the generation of electricity.

Feed In Tariffs for Solar PV are fixed for 25 years as opposed to 20 for Wind turbines. This further increases the benefit of Solar PV installations. These payments are often TAX FREE and index linked for the life of the scheme.

If you are thinking about installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) array to generate electricity, Farm and Country Energy are in a position to advise you on all aspects of the installation and give you free impartial and expert advice if you call us on 01992 578496.

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