Why A Wind Turbine?

In the UK we have 40% of Europe's total wind energy resource. Wind produces more energy than all other forms of renewable energy.

If your property is in a location exposed to good wind speeds, a grid connected wind turbine could provide a significant additional income. In some areas where Airport or Radar excludes large wind turbines, a combination of smaller turbines carefully placed on your land could still produce a worthwhile income.

Modern efficient wind turbines harness the power of the wind, which is then converted into reliable, safe and quiet renewable electrical energy.

Turbines range from 2.5kW to 500kW in size. A 3.2kW turbine will supply more than enough energy for a 3-bedroom house, whilst an 11kW turbine could provide an income of over ?10,000 per annnum and a payback on the investment in under 6 years.

Feed In Tariffs for Wind Turbines are fixed for 20 years as opposed to 25 for Solar PV, so this should be taken into consideration when comparing the two options. These payments are often TAX FREE and index linked for the life of the scheme.

Farm and Country Energy will assist in assessing the viability of the site and the preferred turbine location for optimum power generation.

We will do this whilst also taking into consideration all of the following:-

  • The ecological/landscape sensitivity of the site
  • The noise sensitivity of the site
  • The proximity of technical restraints including aviation and telecommunications
  • The most cost effective location for electrical connectivity
  • Any screening requirements that would be deemed necessary

If you are thinking about installing a wind turbine to generate electricity, Farm and Country Energy are in a position to advise you on all aspects of the installation and give you free impartial and expert advice if you call us on 01992 578496.

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