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Electric Fence Posts

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Our electric fence posts for efficiency and effectiveness

At Farm & Country Supplies, you will find a whole host of products and equipment to ensure the smooth running of your farm, smallholding or equestrian facilities. We also have everything to help you with the well being and containment of your animals.

Among the wide range of products available, you will find all the necessary components to build an effective and efficient electric fence. Posts, rope, energisers and insulators are all available for different purposes. We have a wide collection of products suited for horses and livestock; just take a look through our range on our site for details.

When setting up your electric fence, it is of course important to ensure that you have the right energiser, fencing and cabling. But it's the electric fence posts that can make or break it. We have different fence posts for a range of animals, and environments.

The range of electric fence posts from Farm & Country Supplies are designed to take into account all budgets. And made from either polypropylene or metal, our electric fence posts are sturdy and able to withstand all weathers. You will also find that they have been made with convenience in mind.

With the wedge shaped bases on our electric fence posts you will be able to drive the stake straight through the ground with your feet, ensuring maximum stability. We also have metal electric fence posts that come with pigtail insulators, for further convenience. Our poly fence posts cleverly feature pre cast arches to run your ropes and cabling through.

Just take a look through our incredible range of products, and you will see that we can provide for all facets of livestock husbandry. Should you need any further help, we're here for you to talk to. Simply click on the "Need Some Advice?" tab at the top this website for our contact details.

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