The best in smallholding supplies at Farm & Country

We have an exceptional selection of smallholding supplies. You will find treatments and supplements for your live stock, and everything you need for land management, feeding and much more.

At our online shop, You will find a wide choice of feed and handling equipment for cattle and poultry. Our galvanised steel feeders are hard wearing, and designed to provide long term usage that will see you through several years. The sturdy build of our cattle and sheep feeders, as well as our corn bins, will see you through extreme conditions. For convenience, we have a range of double sided sheep hayracks on wheels. Varying in size from 4 foot to 10 foot lengths, you will find just the right hayrack for your needs.

For the health and wellbeing of your livestock, our smallholding supplies include a variety of sprays and treatments for pest control. If it flies or crawls, you will find the right product here. We have a range of solutions for controlling flies, with Dairy Fly Spray, fly paper and flytraps. For larger pests, you will also find a selection of products such as traps for mice, rats and moles.

When looking for farm tools and sundries, make Farm & Country the first place you think of for essential smallholding supplies. As you might expect, we have all the main tools that you need for the smooth operation of your smallholding. We also have a selection sundry items that are just as essential. You will find paper towels, jugs, oil, insulation tape... in fact you will find everything you need. Save yourself the added trips to the hardware shop, and order directly from us.

No matter what you need for your smallholding, supplies from our online store will help to keep things running smoothly. We are here to bring you the best products for every requirement.

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